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[RELEASE] Chillin'  "I decided to try something a little different..."


This map basically focuses on an alien spacecraft and some buildings around where it landed (well...mostly just one building and some smaller structures); by the time Duke gets there, there are way too many aliens in the area just kinda chillin' (which is not where the map's name came from, by the way). (Maybe this is just me, but I think the easiest way to approach this map is to visit the main building last, after clearing out the interior of the alien spacecraft (which contains a lot of useful stuff).)
This is the first time I've tried this style of mapping (most of my previous maps have been based on either Doom or Mario Kart), and I experimented with some things I normally don't like doing (in this case, lots of swinging doors along with a little bit of sectorwork-based destruction).


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User is offline   Vagan 


Thanks for this!!! Came at a great time (we're on stage orange because of increased Covid activity, so shut in for the evening)

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User is offline   Sanek 


Man, I always enjoyed your Doom-like maps! This one looks like a real change of pace for you, so i'll play it for sure.

User is offline   ck3D 


I'm quite into that style of yours on the screenshots with the general construction and texture selection, settings might have been experimental to you, it looks like you pulled them off well and in interesting ways, will be giving this one a whirl soon! Thanks for sharing and congrats on the release.

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User is offline   Dr.Panico 


Sweet map. Full of interesting surprises and engaging action.

I'm stuck, however. I can't find the keycard for the teleporter. I got half of the power back, killed all the enemies in the area, doubled-checked every room; but i can't find it anywhere.

User is offline   Sanek 


So I played the the map.

It's your best map to date that's for sure! I like small good ideas here and there! I skipped the alien's ship during the first play and died fast. The second one went much smoother.
There's still some issues that all the previous maps of yours have - like lighting and size, but I get used to it.

The only big negative is the alarm sound, which haunts you all over the building and you just want to turn the map off because of it.

User is offline   Vagan 


Enjoyed!! Alarm was fine (I try not to be so sensitive). Plus it gave perspective on where you were in the lower level, and added to the general immersion factor. I love a large map where there's an investment of time and thought. Just my .0002.

NVG will give a clue to the keycard (well done!).

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User is online   Aleks 


Just played it and it's really fun! Loved some of the little ideas and details like a really well designed keyboard in one of the rooms or the rotating 3D floorplan of the building. Also the elaborate pedestrian bridge and the terrain shaping with slopes there were really cool, too bad there wasn't more action happening around these places.

The layout of the building was a bit confusing, especially in the basement (and the fact that you had to run there quite fast with limited protective boots amount didn't help). Indoor areas felt a bit cramped too. A little tip with swing doors: you can put a hitag with sound number to music sprite so the door also make sound when closing (165 is usually fit for this). Also maybe you could have just used alarm ambience (357) to make the alarm sound a little less annoying :P



User is offline   slacker1 


Great level! The beginning had a ton of monsters to get through but I actually spent most of my time trying to figure out the puzzles after everything was dead. I feel like it's rare to not have monsters spawn after big steps in the level (like activating the doors or getting/using keycards) and I liked that they didn't spawn in this case. It was also cool to go into the building wondering what it's suppose to be and having the story unfold as you play through.

The rotating 3d map on the information screen and the electric keyboard in one of the offices look absolutely fantastic. Also props for placing all that text for those view screens. That must have taken forever doing that letter by letter!


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User is offline   ck3D 


View Postslacker1, on 18 November 2020 - 12:58 PM, said:

Also props for placing all that text for those view screens. That must have taken forever doing that letter by letter!

3D mode, insert letter on wall, point at the sprite, press CTRL+T, enter text. Welcome to a whole new world!

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God damn it, I'd been making texts by copy pasting a big line of single letters and then changing sprites.

User is offline   ck3D 


Welcome to that world as well!

User is offline   Sanek 


Daaamn, all these sleepless nights!

Insert DiCaprio's Shutter Island meme here

User is online   Aleks 


I've reviewed the map for Come Get Some! Duke site. The review can be found here: http://www.scent-88....lin/chillin.php

User is offline   ck3D 


Mikko's review is up on MSDN too with a solid 91, congrats! https://msdn.duke4.net/hotchilling.php

User is offline   zykov eddy 


I'm a sucker for weird, experimental maps, and this one was one of the weirdest, but in a good way. It's a nightmare to navigate and most of the areas are very repetitive, but my God, I just love all the neat ideas and details in it. Just that room with a synthesizer made my jaw drop. Also, love the suddle humor in the logs, it definitely adds to the atmosphere and makes the map feel alive. One nitpick, I was hoping there will be a way to turn the alarms off, but was disappointed when found out that there wasn't any.

All in all, very different, but great map!

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User is offline   Merlijn 


Finally played this map, I pretty much agree with what has already been said.

The basement section was actually the highlight for me, racing through the slime while the boots are expiring and the alarm is blazing in the background made for a pretty tense scenario!
I agree with Aleks on the terrain and the sprite bridge, they're very well made but it's a shame they're in a corner that's not really part of the gameplay area.

Enjoyed the humor in the viewscreens as well, and the idea of a semi-abandoned government building that can be fully explored was nice.
I think the theme allowed for some more dynamic lights (like lights from the outside coming through the windows, could have made for some nice sector-based lightning effects).
But the darkness did add to the abandoned atmosphere.

All in all a very solid map. :)

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