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Are there any Drone or Slimer mods?


While playing Duke3d the other day, I realized just how annoying Drones and Slimers are. Has anyone out there modded them to make them different? I was thinking something like a Drone that shot projectiles and didn't blow up, etc...

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I didn't do anything that extensive, but I personally run a 2/3 health, double damage mod for the drones. That is, reduce their HP from 150 to 100 and then up their explosion damage to be double. I was inspired by Nuclear Showdown which did something similar, which at least for me made them less of a nuisance and more of an actual threat but one that can still be dealt with.


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Something for the slimer I've been thinking about is some headcrab-type deal where it jumps and bites you instead of attaching to your face and blocking your view.
Would that be possible in Build?

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You wouldn't even need EDuke32 to program something like that.


About the shooting projectiles and not exploding, Attrition does something like that.

Some drones have turrets attached to them, and for as long as the turret isn't destroyed, you can hug them they will not explode. However, once the turret is destroyed they will detonate against you immediately. Also they can become quite solid as their level increases ...


The slimer is hardcoded and needs to be swapped out for another tile at load time in order to change it.

The drone actor can be altered in CON.

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While reading this i remembered one mod, where the sentry drone sprites were replaced by cute dope fish pictures (from Commander Keen series), but the sounds and explosions are exactly the same.
Anyway, the link is here: http://www.nitro404....one_2_dope_fish

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In my Graveyard TC I changed the drone to the flaming skull from Doom. I disabled firing but kept the explosion on contact. Since I slowed down player speed, I probably slowed down their speed too.

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