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Strife Forever Discord

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So, if anybody remembers an old website titled "This Strife" or "That Strife", or alternatively a related site named "Strife Strips",
the guy who used to host these websites decided to create a related Discord.

Discord link: https://discord.gg/RMB9z5k
Announcement on Tumblr: https://strifestrips...-discord-server
Announcement on Twitter: https://twitter.com/...276126897700864



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I remember reading about that comic at your pages (I think). I first thought this thread would be about a sequel to Strife :)

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Since this might be a bit hidden under my spoiler tags from the preceding post, you can find related posts here: https://strifestrips.tumblr.com/

One example is a dream that Peter had: https://strifestrips...ue-holiday-away

Another one is a few additional old Strife comics getting re-uploaded to the same blog. So far, I think that they were originally viewable from the older Strife Strips website.

Finally, a new Strife Forever website is now up, albeit still under construction. Note that it may take some time for your DNS to get up to date: http://strifeforever.com/

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Great site with hilarious comics, might look a bit dated by today's standards, but they're authentic sprites from the OG games!

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The Strife Forever website has been soft-launched: http://www.strifeforever.com/

It doesn't yet have new contents for now. However, you can go through old comics.
This includes 5 original This/That Strife comics which were previously missing from strifestrips.tumblr.com (and thus, also from my Duke4.net-hosted backup):

5/1/2001 - Classic-Ballz
5/7/2001 - Thieftana
9/17/2001 - Dukeman - Part 1
11/12/2001 - Dukebert
2/3/2003 - Could it be

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While I'm posting almost a month late about this, the first "Strife Forever" comic has been up since Nov 1st. It's the first out of a three part episode.
The second part is expected to be published tomorrow (Dec 1st), followed by the third part on Jan 1st.

The Strife Forever website and/or Discord can be checked for future updates as usual.

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The second new episode is now available at Strife Forever

Duke catches up with his old pal Doom Marine


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