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[RELEASE][MTK] User Map #6 : "Mine Town"  "A new level for the Duke3D MoD : "Mr The Killer"""

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Hello everyone. It's been a while! :)

I would like to offer you a new level for MTK, the number 6 : a minors' town, full of mysteries and with very varied places and decorations. I hope you will adopt it! :o

Presentation :

A classic level, its build was initially launched to kill time, but it ultimately resulted in a varied and expansive environment, and what's more a prequel to another User Map ... will you guess which one? :P

This map works on the current version 2.1 of the game → Dowload

Let's Play :

Screenshots :





Archives :

- Mr The Killer
- Mr The Killer, Episode 2 : Randomaniac

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the link on your download page for mine town gives the christmas map

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@Forge : Oops, yes. An idiotic oversight! It's fixed, thank you :)


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