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Mapster32 being a piece of shit. TROR issues. Help please.

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I'm trying to get rid of this sector sandwich (see below), and make it part of the surrounding bunch, so I can properly make this a flat, transparent glass bridge. However, no matter what I try, I cannot get it to cooperate without destroying the map. Also, the vertices of the upper and lower areas don't seem to match or line up. Can't seem to get rid of the bunches and retry, or punch anything through, either. Dragging the vertices around is like a sticky web of shit, because there's improperly connected, overlapping lines and vertices, and I can't seem to fix them.

I've never been more frustrated with mapster32 in my life than I have right now. I've been at this for several hours.


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I just DL'ed it. I'll take a look this afternoon. I've had the same frustration before.

EDIT: After a first quick look, all I'm seeing so far is a problem when looking thru the transparent bridge the floor of the bottom section turns parallaxed and other sector textures pop in and out. I don't know yet if its a mapping issue or the ever present transparency issues we've had in different forms for years.

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I don't have any mapping help but just wanted to say it's cool to see Perfect Dark's Grid level made into a Dukematch level. It was one of my favorites back in the day.

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It's a quick fix. The problem is there are 4 vertices in one layer where there are none in the other. You need to make sure it's consistent both above and below. You might need to drag the 4 vertices slightly so that you can add the new ones in their original location.


You then need to select the upper and lower sectors in the bridge and hit ctrl-j to join them. I recommend doing the join in isometric view so you can see it better.


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