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Duke 64 ESRGAN Upscale using stolen HRP assets


Looking for an AI upscale for a different game i stumbled upon this:

At first i was like "oh cool, let's check this out" and i quickly noticed that only the sprites were upscaled and the rest of the assets were taken directly from the HRP, they don't have a direct download link, instead hiding their "work" behind a Discord server, here are some pics of it:

I don't get the reason behind this, the other upscales they have for N64 games seem to be legit.

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It looks like dogshit anyway.


I never really used HRP I like using the old style more.

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User is online   Phredreeke 


From the look of it, the graphics not in the HRP are AI upscales (the liztroop, the gun, posters in the movie theatre)

I'll probably release something once NukeYKT's Duke64-compatible RedNukem is released
Also for fun, here's an upscale I made of the DN64 ending sequence.


Edit: a few more


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The way Liztroop looks in that screenshot above makes me think, they'd better have used xBR/Z.

It just shows that ESRGAN alone is not enough, you gotta know what you're doing (as if we didn't know that already).

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The DN64 sprites have very reduced color palettes, this makes most models struggle with them

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