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.: The New Drawers Corner :.  "Present your sketches or paintings here :)"

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I hope this topic will pleasantly replace "The Artists Thread", which seems to have left bad memories, due to the unhealthy sketches of an ancient member.
This is an opportunity to start fresh, in a better atmosphere I hope


"Free Kisses"


A drawing made quickly yesterday, as part of a friendly competition for drawings of monsters, on the theme of "Money" ;)
Jan. 2020


"Mechanical Fish"


Drawed in Dec. 2019, colored in Apr. 2020.




Apr. 2020.

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Two short test scenes (6 and 18 seconds), made to lay the concrete foundations for an animated feature film project that I'm trying to bring to life http://www.sebluca.com/DATAS/SMILEY8/amourfou.gif


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PS: Did I forget to mention that the backgrounds of these two animated scenes are modeled in Build, with my own textures ? :P

It's the case ; then I do a lot of computer graphics work behind it to improve the rendering of the capture that serves as the backdrop:

○ Polishing of too angular pixelated lines (with the "finger", in Toshop).
○ Work on colors, contrasts and luminosity.
○ Drawing of shadows and reliefs, distributed over several layers in transparency, by black or white areas / lines / stains.
○ Give a crusted aspect to the final rendering.



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.: Nature :.




I have no idea of art but it seems really cool.


Purely so Seb isn't the only one posting things in here, I'll share some of my stuff. I'm not great at drawing, but have learned to at least embrace the way things turn out - primarily that I can't draw in color, can't really do perspective and things tend to look kinda dirty. Also I draw in layers.

As a result, I generally only draw oblique grayscale with pencil:

Any attempt at perspective is usually a strange 'pinched' model where things are really still 'parallel' and so don't get smaller as they get further away.

Despite this, detail is at least usually good enough to convey what I want:

Background chimneys are actually rendered in Build and these images belong to a music video, which I did post somewhere here once before. The drawings are from the part starting at 8:26, though there's an entirely 'digital' part starting at 0:16. Actually, the space logo at the very start is also Build:

As you might gather, that cavalier geometry is about all I can do. Can't draw people worth shit. I always think I have the shapes and angles down right, then when it comes to detail and shade them, they look all wrong, no matter how many hours I spent staring at reference images. Rather infuriatingly, when drawing a joke picture for my Discord, I discovered that I can draw furry much more passably for reasons unknown... this would be fantastic, if only I were a furry. I'm not, so it's kinda useless. Also those artworks are pretty NSFW and I'm not sure Seb wants his thread being polluted by them. I don't mind posting a few of them, though, if anyone wants to see them for some reason. Might just come back and post one or two of them anyway, just for the hell of it.
My theory is that as I'm drawing something that doesn't exist, there's less pressure to get it right and, somehow, this leads to making less mistakes.

Edit: Apparently PowerBoard hates my pictures for some reason, or else they work for everyone but me.

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Not so impressed by the drawings by themselves, but that video and the songs are really good IMO. I mean, that whole Myton Wyke bit is really interesting "outsider art", using atypical methods to create something, which gives it a unique feel.

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That was a 1/2 hour well spent. I thought the whole package was great. I chuckled when you flipped off the DX7. Then at the end for Ragtime I wondered if you relied on it for that song. :lol:

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@High Treason : I like the ambient of the 3th draw ;)

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And I checked your Soundcloud - bro, you're definitely a musician. It's not the knowing, but the doing that matters. You've got a recognizable style and compositional quality despite what may be a primitive method.

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