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LoT7P GDX suggestions

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Hi. I just played Legend of the Seven Paladins GDX. It's good, but for the next release, is there any possibility that the mouse sensitivity can be increased? Even at 2.5, it just drags along the screen too slowly. Having it go up to 5 would fix this. Also, can there be a toggle/option in the menu to have enemies fire huge volleys/streams of projectiles like in the original? It makes it feel more fast paced and difficult, even "NIGHTMARE" mode is a pushover now. Modern controls + first person bullet hell-tier chaos would make for a really good time.

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  • Dr. Effector


They really do not fire as huge volleys in the original version if you play with more period correct hardware (you need to manually limit cycles in dosbox).
By the time duke3d came out, a gaming PC was almost twice as fast, while the game is still playable on a 133MHz pentium, it still could be better.
This came out during a time where some people struggled to even run doom smoothly on anything else than a post stamp sized screen.
Old unfinished engine also contributes here, Lameduke is about as unplayable in many bits with too fast HW, but on that 133 system the timing issues are almost completely gone (i.e. weapons don't do extreme rapid fire).
Since this era of 3D was so new, it wasn't uncommon to simply ignore frame rate issues and be more naive as no system ever really experienced these timing issues even on simpler maps.

Many early DOS games (or even later) can break in similar ways when your hardware is too fast, I think it's actually impossible to beat GTA3 today if you uncap the frame limiter on a modern system.

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