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Best Compilation to play Duke Nukem?

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I'm new to this game and wondering what does people consider as the most complete way to play Duke Nukem?

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The only legal way at the moment is to play the 20th anniversary World Tour rerelease. The standalone DOS version used to be available but Gearbox removed it when they obtained full rights to the franchise and back catalogue. It still hasn't reappeared on GOG even though they said "Duke Nukem will return..." sigh

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I like playing with the voxel pack and Fox's skyboxes...


I personally recommend looking for the Kill-a-Ton collection on eBay, if you are looking for owning a physical copy of the game. It is the most complete collection, giving you Duke Nukem 1, 2, 3D (both versions 1.3D and 1.5), Duke It Out In D.C., Duke Xtreme and Duke Zone II. It doesn't include Duke Caribbean, Duke Nuclear Winter and the first Duke Zone but the simple fact that you can obtain BOTH versions of Duke3D (meaning you can run all maps and mods!) just by getting the first CD means that it is definitely worth getting this collection!

-There are 3 CDs in this collection, the first CD includes the main games, the second CD is only in the US edition and is sort of an interactive guide and the third CD includes the addons. The UK release only contains the first and third CDs, omitting the interactive guide entirely.
-Not all Duke Nukem 3D Kill-a-Ton listings on eBay include the 3 CDs, so make sure you look at pictures and read the description carefully.

Now for the digital versions, there used to be the GOG version (included Duke3D Atomic 1.5), Megaton Edition (included Duke3D Atomic 1.5, Duke DC, Caribbean, Nuclear Winter, all running in OpenGL port based off JFDuke3D, with Atomic running in DOSBox as bonus) and currently the only version available to buy is 20th anniversary World Tour. I recommend waiting for a sale if you want to get the 20th anniversary World Tour edition.

EDIT: If you are referring to what is considered the best way to play Duke3D, then that is with the EDuke32 source port, which is compatible with all versions of the game. Though it doesn't fully support the new World Tour episode at the moment.

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