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Void Zone- bug?  "searching for a map..."

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Even after many years, I can't forget one "mysterious" map in duke nukem 3d. Back then, as a kid, I played the game without the eduke32 engine, maybe it was the atomic edition. (I don't think it was version 1.3) I think the map got loaded after I finished another user map, but that's not important. Strangely, just before loading the map in question, it appeared: ENTERING VOID ZONE and the map actually loaded. At that time, I didn't pay any attention to that level with this name - I was interested in the level - I still remember that Cycloid Emperor was right at the beginning of the level - but it wasn't moving, it was just a flat sculpture. I also remember the end of that level - a green area with lots of trees (maybe even cacti) and as a boss there was just Emperor. In the level there was, I think, a room with "prison cells" and it was completely overcrowded with troopers and captains. Then I only remember the room with lava, and such a large door with picture of battlelord, the "steps" led to them, but Im not sure I'm not confused with another level. After many years, I remembered this experience, and I tried to look at google after the level with this name - and found that it doesn't exist. If it doesn't exist, I can think of one explanation - that the map was named differently, but maybe because of some bug the game loaded it as Void Zone. So I'm just trying to see if, according to this miserable description, someone could remember something. Then I couldn't identify another "mysterious" map from the same time for a long time, but after many years I accidentally discovered it in the huge Duke Assault collection as a Kill'em map by author Ildar Sagdejev. After a few years, I noticed that in one version of the game after finishing certain user maps, the Void Zone level will start loading for a short time, but then the game crashes with the message "map E1L9.map not found" Today I regret that at that time I did not know anything about making screenshots. I would take a picture of that map.

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After finishing an user map, the game tries to load the next one, E1L9.MAP, named VOID ZONE and crash, since this map is not supposed to exist. However I think your custom map was named E1L9.MAP, that's why you could access it. Maybe it's this one there?

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The level Void Zone doesn't exist.

The option to load an User Map is a hack which replaces the map file in E1L8 slot. Once the map is finished, the game will load E1L9.

USER.CON contains a few joke names for the levels from E1L9 to E1L11, but they are not real maps. "Void Zone" is just a way of saying that the next level being loaded doesn't exist.

If a level loaded in Void Zone place for you, you either had a map named E1L9.MAP in your directory, or some mod installed.

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You are referring to this map, which is bundled with the Build tools.

It is rather strange that the game glitched there, but definitely uncommon!

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