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Ion Fury CON Mods  "Post about CON mods for Ion Fury, and even ask for help!"

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This thread is dedicated to helping people get started on modifying the game code for Ion Fury to build their own mods. Post what you are working on and feel free to ask questions.

To get this started here is some copies of files and video from a stream I did. This stream was done about a month after the game launch. It does contain a few mistakes, but those are corrected and commented in the final file release.


If I make another video I can spin this off into its own other thread to prevent spamming this one.


I would love to see some Ion Fury TCs :dukeaffirmative:

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I posted this on discord before I passed out yesterday:

Mblackwell said:

Note: this isn't an official release of any kind, just something I threw together tonight for the heck of it. Converts all rain to snow and will probably make some things break :smile:
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check the text at the top for how to run it, and also merry christmas, happy solstice, and enjoy whatever other holidays you all might be celebrating (or heck, just enjoy the time off!)

I hope it shows how much you can screw with the existing things, and in ways that are unintrusive and can be stacked with other mods.

...Even without the code comments. I should probably go back and clean up the formatting and add comments at some point. :D


I'll have to try it

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