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[RELEASE] Powerslave/Exhumed Upscale Pack

User is offline   Phredreeke 


As with Duke Nukem 3D and Blood, here's my ESRGAN-based upscale pack for Powerslave. It is compatible with PCExhumed and should also work with M210's port once it's released. It includes a set of widescreen-compatible sprites by Dzierzan. Enjoy!

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User is offline   Phredreeke 


I've released v1.1 of the upscale pack https://www.moddb.co...pscale-pack-v11

Notable additions to this release

- The HUD elements have been upscaled.
- GDX Mini-HUD has been upscaled. Thanks to Yoswin
- Map screen is upscaled.
- Redbright palette swaps have been added. Your weapon now correctly flashes red while the weapon powerup is active. Mummification missiles are now correctly red.
- Several objects not previously upscaled have been upscaled.
- A BAT file has been added to launch the upscale pack in Raze or PCExhumed.

User is offline   jkas789 


Just wanted to say your upscale pack looks really good mate. I also use your other upscales so thanks for the hard work dude!

User is offline   Phredreeke 


I've updated Powerslave Upscale Pack to include upscaled textures https://www.moddb.co...pscale-pack-v12

Here's a sendspace link until moddb authorized the upload https://www.sendspace.com/file/ond1de

User is offline   Phredreeke 


Ok, I messed up, if you want to use PCExhumed or Raze you don't have to do anything but if you use GDX you will have to rename psupscalegdx.def to psgdx.def

User is offline   Phredreeke 


Video of the new pack by Razzor


User is offline   Avenger 


Glad to see that this finally got finished.

Thanks for all the work that you put into it.

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