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classic demo loops?

User is offline   amdcrash 


i have been looking for classic demo loops or eduke compatible demo loops, sort of like this.

if there is none, can someone let me know exactly how to make one so when my eduke starts up it has a demo, i can see it has a demo recording (and loading) option but that is for only one demo.


User is offline   oasiz 

  • Dr. Effector


Every version of eduke32 is prone to break the demos as they are just practically player input. This is why every version of d3d has a new/different sequence.
You might want to try playing rednukem as I recall it syncing up with the demos.

Eduke32 doesn't aim for 100% faithful accuracy in this department.

User is offline   gerolf 

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I think it is fairly impossible to do without having to make it into a literal cutscene of sorts with scripted enemy movements. That would take a long time, and it would waste a lot of resources. If anything, I think EDuke32 has a big enough following for it to warrant its own personal demo loop. I think that would be a better idea than trying to replicate the originals, and it would be cool to see demo loops of some of the EDuke32 devs playing the levels under demo reel guidelines.

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