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Working toilets and drinkable bleach  "You asked for it, you got it!"


I promised long before the game was even released that if it didn't contain this feature at launch, that I would implement it myself. A little meddling with scripts between other things later and the effect is, indeed, implemented.

To quote the README;

The game plays as normal and none of the regular mechanics should be affected.

However, bottles of bleach, glass cleaner and soap can now be consumed, this will poison Shelly and periodically cause harm to her, as well as knocking her off balance, turning you a little off course. To consume these items (why?) stand in front of them and press the USE key (usually E) and Shelly will drink the cleaning product. You should start taking damage and the bottle will be thrown back down. You cannot drink from the same bottle twice.

Toilets may also be used and will even cancel the effects of the bleach. To use a toilet, stand in front of it and open the lid by pressing use as normal, but hold the use key down. Control will be taken from you and Shelly will turn, sit down and then do what she has to do, just like Duke would minus a few technicalities. You will receive upto 15 health upon completion of this task, but you may not use another toilet for some time.

Shelly has an aversion to using urinals, though she MAY try if you persist, the results might be messy however. She's probably not the type to half-ass it by cramming her butt over the damn thing, instead going all-out and trying to do it like the guys. Somebody was bound to request this feature.
In particularly urgent situations, a bush may be your only option.
Try not to get shot in the back or something as you can't really move around if you get caught with your pants down.

I was unable to work out an elegant install method, so you'll have to dump the contents of the .ZIP directly into your Ion Fury installation folder. Don't worry, though, no files should be overwritten and if you see a prompt indicating such, something is wrong!

Once extracted you can run the .BAT file (what is this, 1998!?) upon which the game should start and play normally. Alternatively (Linux?) start the game with the -xBLEACH.CON parameter manually.

Attached File  BLEACH.zip (242.08K)
Number of downloads: 188

As that version my be outdated after possible fixes, this should always point to the newest version: http://dxzeff.com/trash/bleach.zip

Known issues
This code was written quite poorly and was also not tested extensively, as such things can go badly wrong. The worst case I can think of is either under a low ceiling you may get crushed, or if a wall is in the way of your movement the game can effectively soft lock. I tried my best to anticipate this, by all means let me know if it does break somewhere.

Obviously this mod is subject to be updated further into the thread if issues arise.
Overall I think this thing is horrible, though admittedly funny in an immature way. Plus I did promise and besides, it is among the first, if not the first, script mods released for the game and, admittedly, I do somewhat relish in knowing that pretty much the first such mod to appear on this forum is ruining the game rather than enhancing it.
I may be willing to add additional small features at a later time if anyone has any requests, I'm not willing to extensively tamper with game mechanics however.

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Oh God WHY?


Glass cleaner and bleach are potentially lethal. Seriously, this is more disturbing than a fun addition.


wow are we still living in 2016 i had no idea

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View PostThe Watchtower, on 05 November 2019 - 01:17 AM, said:

Glass cleaner and bleach are potentially lethal. Seriously, this is more disturbing than a fun addition.



A timing issue was brought to my attention, I was aware of the issue but it was worse than I thought, so it has been fixed and an updated version is available at the DXZeff.com link; http://dxzeff.com/trash/bleach.zip

Also made a trailer because i was bored; https://www.youtube....h?v=VdRWNbjV6Cc

This should be the last fix unless multiplayer becomes a thing in the future, at which point the current timing code will cause a softlock and will have to be updated again, I have some ideas about how to do that but can't be bothered to put the time in right now.


Drinkable Bleach huh

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Bumping this peak degenerate thread to say:

This is degenerate.

Good job.

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