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Computer freeze when I quit the game, or alt tab

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When i quit the game or alt+tab I get a black screen.

ALT+f4 and CTRL+Del does not work so i have to unplug my computer.

Ingame it works fine, very strange. I use latest W10, i5 6600k and gtx1070.

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Anyone else have this issue? I can't be the only one.. because this is a rather game - or would i say computer- breaking bug.

All recent builds from this year or so (that i have tested) have this issue.. Then i tested a very old build from 2015 and no problem.

If i use a non-SDL build called "eduke32-nonSDL-r8097" that i got here: https://forums.duke4...e/page__st__210, then there is no problem too. So i guess SDL is culprit?

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I'm going to help you, help yourself.

First - there's this sticky thread at the top of the page where you made this thread.

***Please Read This Before Posting Problems Or Bugs.***

so you should probably read that and all the stuff under the spoiler box
then it links to this page:

Troubleshooting EDuke32 article on EDukeWiki

you should probably read most of that
also on that page you'll find:

If you encounter an actual program crash, try running the debug executables (eduke32.debug.exe or mapster32.debug.exe) included in the EDuke32 builds available from synthesis. If you encounter the crash again, look for a file named eduke32.crash.log or mapster32.crash.log and include it when following the directions in the Basic Assistance section.

If you cannot find this file, please proceed to the Debugging section.

You should probably find that page and get the link to download the debug program and the link to the debugging section

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Ok here are the details:






Error printscreen with debug version: https://i.imgur.com/4g5zRaK.png

2) Your system specifications. (OS, GPU, CPU, etc)

Windows 10 1903 build 18362.418
Nvidia gtx 1070 driver 436.48
Intel Core i5 6600k
16gb RAM ddr4 Corsair

3) What version of EDuke32 you are running.

Version 8248 x64 bits

4) What you were doing at the time.

Quit the game with Esc key and Y key.

6) Last working version and the first broken version

Didn't test every version, but Version 7067 is working.

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