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Diving problem in E4L4

User is offline   Vadim Z 



I have a problem with diving underwater in the level E4L4 "Babe Land".
The problem is in "The D-Cup Ride" room. Jumping into water and trying to dive leads to immediate death. Diving into fountain outside the pavilion cause no problems. If you come to the problematic pool from the fountain through the underwater passage, you can move underwater. But if you float and try to dive again you die.

My PC configuration: i3 3220, Intel HD Graphics, 8 GB RAM, Win10.
I've also tested on another PC with i7 2600, NVidia GeForce GT520, 8 GB RAM, Win7 Pro.


I've bisected versions and found, that the last working version is r7576. The problem with dying started since r7831.
In versions from r7599 up to r7817, diving into the water in this particular room leads to another sort of problem. Underwater Duke can move only up and down, but this problem occurs only in full-screen mode. In windowed mode everything is OK.

On the video a small color glitch can be seen which occurs only when I start eDuke32. But I think it has something to do with my integrated Intel graphic card and OpenGL renderer, because on the PC with NVidia card there is no such problem.


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verified with r8133

going underwater in that sector kills the player

it might have something to do with the wave effect, but further testing is required to verify that

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removed the SE rotation sprites from the underwater sector & it stopped killing the player.

(note: I wasn't submerging over them, I was submerging in the corner away from the moving sectors)

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User is offline   Vadim Z 


I've the video with the bug deleted, so I have uploaded it one more time: https://youtu.be/NxAQKUUd_7w

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