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Hitscan is bugged

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Tested on r8090, r1517 and Doom64Hunter even tested this in the DOS version


The hitscan projectile never has any effect in the game world (no player damage, no decal, nothing)

How to reproduce:

- Put a stayput actor in sector X
- Put the player (or whatever target) in sector Y
- Navigate the target so that the angle of the stayput actor is such that the hitscan projectile would (at least visually) be spawned in sector Y

You will notice that as long as the hitscan projectile "spawns" in the same sector the actor is in, it works. If they rotate as such that that is not the case it breaks.

Test map in attachment

This behaviour works correctly with non-hitscan projectiles.

edit: I've tested this as far back as r1517 and it looks like this has been broken from the beginning :o I thought it was gonna be part of the clipping overhaul maybe, but nope

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appears to be fixed in r8122

User is offline   Sangman 


Confirmed. Nice work!

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