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Game Icons  "Get yours!"


I don't know if this is the right subforum for this, but considering some of the icons I'll post here are not going to be Duke related, I figured this might be the best place for the topic.

I like using shortcuts to run games because of command line parameters and convenience for easily launching expansion packs, etc. However, I often don't find an icon for a particular game or expansion, or maybe I just want one for a mod that doesn't provide one. I started making my own icons to solve this issue. I thought I'd share some of the ones I made, and open this thread up for request if you want an icon but don't know how to make one. My skills in photoshop are basic, so nothing here will be too fancy, just simple and to the point.

All the following images can be converted to .ico files by using a site such as https://convertico.com/. These images are presented in 512x512, which is usually the highest resolution for icons.

Let's start with Duke Nukem:





For the expansions, I thought of adding the name of them in the image, but the result ended up being too clustered, so I ended up just leaving the Duke3D logo as it was in the first image and decided to name the shorcuts with the expansion titles instead.

Here's an icon I made for one of my favorite mods, Alien Armageddon:


That last one I'm not happy with because I had to cut out the AA logo from another image and results were mixed. Thankfully those imperfections are far less noticeable when the icon is sitting in the desktop at a much smaller size.

Now lets move on to Doom:





As a bonus for those who run sigil with a custom shortcut, I made this too:


For those of you who want to edit these files as you see please in photoshop, here's a link to the PSD file. If you just need the frame to make your own icons, you can also download it here.

If you want me to make you an icon for your game or mod, just reply here with the image and (if applies) logo that you'd like. Alternatively, I can simply add the name of the game/mod in text for you, but don't expect something too elaborate since it's probably beyond my skills. I'm also lazy. Make sure your image is larger than 512x512 and that the logo is at least 512px wide so I have more room to work with them.

Anyway, I know these aren't perfect, but figured some people around here could use them. I will be working on making more. Next on my list are Blood, Shadow Warrior and Redneck Rampage.

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Can't edit the topic anymore, so here's an extra one for Duke Nukem 64 that I forgot to post:


Also, here's the updated PSD file.


So I did blood, but I found the black frame to not look very good with Blood's overall darker background images. I changed it to a more white/gray looking one that I think looks far better. I also understand that the bloody hand print is really over done, so I decided to provide an alternative icon. For the bloody hand print, I really tried to add the blood logo to it but it just looked terrible in every iteration, so I decided to ditch it. For those who value consistency and prefer to keep the black frames from before, I'll add a version with them here too.

Black frame version

Alternative Blood Icon:

Black frame version

Now, for Cryptic Passage I couldn't find a better image than the one I ended up using, and unfortunately I couldn't remove the text about the new levels without compromising the picture too much. Still, it doesn't look half bad in the desktop as a shortcut, at least in 1920x1080 which is my resolution.

Black frame version

As usual, here's a new link to the updated PSD file. After this I'll tackle Shadow Warrior and it's expansions, probably tomorrow.

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Great job on all of these! And cool that you're providing the PSD sources!


View PostMusicallyInspired, on 11 September 2019 - 07:08 PM, said:

Great job on all of these! And cool that you're providing the PSD sources!

Thanks! I gave these my best attempt, and I hope people get inspired by them to make their own for games that don't have them. We need way more icons for some of these games/expansions/mods!


Who wants some Wang?


I'll admit the expansions were a bit tricky due to the lack of promotional art for them, so I had to improvise a bit:



The icon for the main game has the problem that the text is not very legible while on the desktop, but I preferred to keep it that way and include the original logo. Stretching the text made it look real bad, but the sacrifice of keeping it as it originally was means that it doesn't read well, so sorry for that aspect that I couldn't fix.

I've updated the PSD file to include these. Next is Redneck Rampage. After that I'll make a real special one for a game that I've never seen anybody make and icon for online. Stay tuned. :P


YEE-HAW! Hold on to yer butts, because the Redneck Rampage icons are here:




Sadly I wasn't able to find a high quality artwork for route 66, getting both expansions to fit in the icon took a lot of messing around trying to cover up some of the text from the original covers. In Rides again I hate that Bubba's face is partially covered by the logo, as it was the best positioning I could do or otherwise I'd have to remove even more text. But it's kinda growing on me. It almost looks like the title just slapped him in the face. :D

So I'm gonna throw a few bonus icons today as well. I made this one for the Doom 4 Vanilla mod:


I put Vanilla before Doom 4 and not after mostly for aesthetics reasons and to keep the Doom logo larger and more legible for the icon. In any case, if you just want the icon without any of the additional text for the mod or even for Doom 2016, here's the version without all that:


However, if you ask me, there are way better icons than mine for Doom 2016 around the net, so you might be better off with one of those. Next I will tackle a few games that I couldn't find an icon for whatsoever.


Oops, forgot to include the updated PSD file, and now the function to edit the post is gone. My bad. Anyway, here's the updated file.


So, as promised, here are a some icons for games that I couldn't find one:




Hope you all enjoy these. As a bonus, I'm dropping the fixed version of the Doom II icon I posted above. I forgot to remove a tiny spec on the upper right side, and since I can't edit my post I can only fix it by posting a revised version here:


And a link to the updated PSD file. So for now I've covered most of the basic build engine games and Doom. I'll tackle Quake next, including all of it's expansions.


Ok, so I did Quake. It took me a while because it has a lot of expansions and I had to get creative with the covers:





For Dissolution of Eternity, it was a pain to get the logo in there. I know it isn't much visible when acting as an icon, but custom text would have looked way off. I also apologize for the thrown together look of Dimensions of the Past, but it literally had to be: DOPA was released for free by MachineGames to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Quake, so it had no cover; this meant I was forced to improvise and so I just found a cool artwork of Ranger online and used all Quake font for the titles.

Now, today's bonus comes in the form of two Doom mods: TNT: Revilution and Plutonia 2. I downloaded these to play them later and figured that I might as well make an icon for both:



That's it! Have a link to the updated PSD file. For now I think I've done enough icons. I'll maybe close out the Quake franchise at some point, and perhaps cover the first Unreal game and its expansion. Beyond that I'll occasionally post a few icons for mods once I've accumulated a good batch.


So after downloading Quake II and its expansions, I had the urge to make my own icons for them:




I went with a minimalist approach for The Reckoning to match the Quake logo used on the cover of the expansion pack.

Okay, let's talk about today's bonus, because this is a good one; one thing I'll freely admit is that I'm a fan of Raven Software games, so I thought I should create icons for Heretic and Hexen:






I was quite happy with the results here. These icons aren't perfect, of course, but I was able to get good pictures for the backgrounds and the logos came in ok. Anyway, you can download the updated PSD file here. Enjoy!



Non-Enhanced Edition Version


And for the bonus, it'll rain blood today with four different icons for Blood mods:

Black frame version

Black frame version

Black frame version

Black frame version

Edit: Bonus #2... an icon for Duke Hard!


Took some artistic liberties by re-imagining the logo, quite like the finished product.

As usual, the updated PSD file is right here.

Hope you all like these!

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