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Ion Fury Modding Guide

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Can we get a proper sub forum please?
so these things don't get lost in the annals of time and space

View PostMarphy Black, on 17 August 2019 - 11:40 AM, said:

I've put together a very simple mod for IF that imports the alternate blonde Shelly HUD artwork that was made and previously posted by Fox (and was seen in terminx's avatar here for a time, I believe). Installation instructions in the zip file's readme:

This does not affect the player sprites right now, although I'm not sure there's really a need to go that far. I also hereby dub the fanon name of this character to be Melly, Shelly's distant blonde cousin.

In-game previews:

View PostLeoD, on 17 August 2019 - 04:00 PM, said:

I feel like making a mod to remove the mugshot altogether.
[EDIT] Done: Attachment IonFury_NoShellyHUD.zip


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Yeah, I think it is quite necessary to have separate section dedicated to IF, with pinned threads dedicated to information like this and mapping too, along with other additional info kind of like on Steam, for example (with links to various resources related to the game, like stuff on Google drive). Besides, I'm pretty sure some posts are usually getting lost too, because I asked twice about second key art in .PSD format and got no response. :dukecigar:

But seriously, that way everything would be in order, completely clean, so nobody also would complain about people who want to discuss other specific things related to the game (I'm referencing deleted posts as well). Current thread has pretty much everything in there. Hell, IF even doesn't use regular EDuke32 build

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View PostLeoD, on 17 August 2019 - 06:52 PM, said:

This might by helpful for some: ion_fury_modding_template.zip


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Here is another template set for making custom .art files.

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Another way to edit the huge .art file
from Snake @ Steam

Get the .art file out of the .grp.
Open it with a hex editor (HxD is free).
Delete the first bytes of data that comprise the word "BUILDART" in the Decoded text view.
Now you can open the .art file in BAFEd 2.0 (download link: https://m210.duke4.n...rt-files-editor)
BAFEd 2 allows you to import, extract and replace all the sprites and textures in the game.


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BatchScript-extract all tiles to PCX+PNG, if you're on MSYS2 or Linux - rough around the edges (aka ugly as hell), cut out of my current proceedings:
Attached File  extract_fury_art.zip (766.29K)
Number of downloads: 233
Also patches tiles000.art, the *nix way.

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I'm hoping someone makes a mod to remove the incendiary effects from the SMGs. That fire effect....woof, it's not very good, and the sizzle sound effect that plays after every single impact starts to grate REAL fast.

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