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Controller Support Thread  "SDL2 Game Controllers and XInput"

User is online   Hendricks266 

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As of 7971 I believe I have restored the joystick feature to working order and given it plenty of polish, short of massively refactoring everything regarding input which I can only do with all Build games side by side. Please give it a try in Duke 3D and leave your feedback.

User is offline   Phredreeke 


I just tested and it works great. I'd suggest adding a crouch toggle though.


Nice! I didn't expected that even the PS3 controller would have be recognized without external tools!
I couldn't find a way to use the Analogs and look around, but most of the things works.
Maybe i should try the N64 usb controller too!


I've got the Gamecube -> Wii U USB adapter. I wonder if that works...

User is offline   axl 


Nice. Seems to work great !

User is online   Hendricks266 

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I've pushed some more updates, including changes to the default layouts.

View PostPhredreeke, on 13 August 2019 - 07:30 AM, said:

I'd suggest adding a crouch toggle though.


User is online   Trooper Dan 

  • Duke Plus Developer


Testing it out. For the most part, it's great. I wish I could see the name of the buttons I'm pressing in the button setup menu, though. I don't mean that I need a graphic of the controller, but if I'm pressing button "A" I'd like something on the screen to show that I'm pressing it. Reason being, I'm using a PS4 controller and I don't know how the letters map onto it.

I like how it comes with a couple of setups, and they already have a button mapped to altfire.

One problem I noticed in game: the movement_lock struct does not stop the player from moving on a controller. I'm guessing this has always been the case, but I never noticed because using a controller wasn't viable until now. EDIT: since there's never a situation where movement is locked on one axis but not the other, I'm just going to zero out svel and fvel in PROCESSINPUT, which works even using a controller.

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Ok tested out with everything i got.
Playstation 1 Original controller: used an adapter very similar to this one
it does not get recognized.

Gamecube controller: used the Mayflash adapter, this one
both in PC and Wii modes, it does not get recognized.

PS3 controller: used its common usb cable, it get recognized, but analogs can't be used.
However, the PS3 controller has always been tricky to work on Windows, then, personally i've used Motioninjoy Portable and enabled it on Xbox 360 mode, after this trick it worked very well, Analogs included!

N64 usb controller (Retrolink) this one:
Very tricky to setup the right buttons but, it worked unexpectedly well!

N64 (Retrolink) settings:

View PostMusicallyInspired, on 13 August 2019 - 11:12 AM, said:

I've got the Gamecube -> Wii U USB adapter. I wonder if that works...

Weird to say, but the official adapter may need Zadig to work.

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Actually, I don't have the official adapter. I also have the Mayflash one with the Wii U/PC switch on the back. Neither worked for me either even though Windows recognized it in PC mode. Dolphin recognizes it in Wii U mode, though (with Zadig). And since it's open source perhaps some code can be referenced from there? Maybe not if they're totally different systems and probably out of scope seeing as this is all about the native support that SDL has for controllers.

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User is offline   Jim Rockford 

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I've been playing Ion Maiden on my laptop with Steam Link on my big TV + a PS3 controller and it works okay. I don't love playing these kind of games with controllers but it's been fun to fuck around with.

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