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Duke Nukem 3D Chimera TC Question

User is offline   Master O 


In Level 2 of the Chimera TC (chimera.grp) from the Eduke32 Addons Compilation, where are the blue and yellow key doors? The level itself mostly seems to consist of swimming through underwater caves and jumping through ice caverns.

User is offline   Fox 

  • Fraka kaka kaka kaka-kow!


The TC was never finished, so it may not be possible to beat it without cheating.

User is online   NightFright 

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You can finish all levels in Chimera except for the last one (which wasn't supposed to be the last, but more levels were never made). In that one I fixed the nukebutton which didn't work. Other than that, it's fully playable.

I don't remember the second level right now and I can't play it atm, but if nobody has answered till next week, I'll replay it and tell you where you may get stuck and how to continue. Maybe I also left clues in the walkthrough of the compilation, maybe check it to be sure.

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