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4BLOX (Unique Puzzle Game)  "My first commercial product"

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Here's a little puzzle game that I made:

4BLOX is the unique puzzle game, similar to other "falling blocks" type of games, but original enough so it can distinguish itself from others.
Your main task is to group 4 squares of the same color or more by rotating the big cube! If you like Columns, you'll love 4BLOX!
There's 20 levels in the game. Each new level will clear the playing field. It gives every player the possibility to actually finish the game, which is more than possible once you get the hang out of it. Supports Windows 10 / 8 / 7 (64-86 bit systems).

It's a 2D game made on Untiy. Of course, I didn't made the game all by myself - there's a programmer who wrote all the code, and I did some minor changes later (like change numbers here and there). What I did is come up with money, idea and draw everything except backgrounds and font.
Oh, and our own MusicallyInspired wrote wonderful Amiga-esque tracker music, which is really something! B)

The game's cost is only $4.99. Purchase here: https://manicware.itch.io/4blox
If you want to support Manicware, buy this game and tell your friends about it, if you really enjoyed it! :)




User is online   Sanek 


I reduced the price to $2.50. If somebody can edit that in the post, please do.
Why I did that? Well, in addition to itch, I sell the game on VK (russian facebook) on my own at the named price, and actually sold a couple of copies (literally). Here I have zero support, zero replies and zero copies sold. I doubt that I'll ever make my money back, but I would like if somebody actually will buy this game.

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