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Rigel Engine - Duke Nukem II engine recreation project

User is offline   MrFlibble 


Here's what I just found posted by a user in an old gaming forum a couple days ago:

Yup, that's a project similar to ReDuke but for Duke Nukem II. The GitHub project page has some downloadable beta builds and source code. Currently, the shareware episode is supported (registered levels might work too but not for granted).

Also here's an article about the project:

User is offline   MusicallyInspired 

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I saw that on Twitter a little while ago and retweeted it. I for some reason thought it was already known here. Apparently not. My bad.

Among the future plans is support for replacement graphics assets. I went ahead and added a comment requesting features for supporting multiple music formats as well (with metadata loop tags) including MODs.

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User is offline   Hendricks266 

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As I mentioned on the 3D Realms Discord server, this project looks cool, but mention of "analyzing video captures from DosBox" as part of the fundamental development strategy concerns me. It sounds like this is primarily a by-sight recreation and I'm not a fan of those. The mention of Episode 1 being playable and the rest not (yet) adds to my concern. It suggests an approach of recreating things as one goes along, rather than actually reproducing the game's systems.

User is offline   WolfmanFP 


Just to be fair, the full sentence is "A mix of reading assembly and analyzing video captures from DosBox", as NY00123 mentioned on Discord.

User is offline   Hendricks266 

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By-sight recreations often include some extent of direct REing, often just in terms of loading file formats, but don't apply the approach as widely as they should. Mentioning "reading assembly" does not counter my concerns.

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