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"wave" on ceiling?

User is offline   windeye001 


I made a floating island according to the instructions here, under "Sandwiching and Sector Punching":

I thought to make the island bob magically using the wave sector effect. Predictably, an S on top of the island only affects the top of the island / the floor of the top sector; the bottom of the island / the ceiling of the lower sector doesn't move. If a wave S could be made to effect its sector's ceiling, I could place a second S in the lower sector to simulate magical bobbing.

Is there a way to make a wave S affect the ceiling of it's sector instead of the floor? Is there another way to achieve the bobbing effect?


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User is offline   windeye001 


stupid question?

User is offline   Forge 


i don't do tror, so I don't know if this would work

if you want to make a ceiling go up and down, use the engine / piston effect.
the position of the ceiling is the start, the position of the SE is the bottom - and a speed sprite will control how fast it moves. (1 isn't that horribly slow)

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User is offline   Zaxtor 


Maybe it could work but may require coding

using ceiling drop and rise Lotag 32 on SE (making it so doesn't hit the floor)
activators with diff numbers

and an effector (from con coding)
that uses ifcount etc etc etc operateactivators xxx 0


never tried this tho
Just a theory

Might work

No TROR needed

But will be waves like

████████████ ██████
░████░░████░ ░████░
░░██░░░░██░░ ░░██░░
░░░░░░░░░░░░ ░░░░░░
░░░░░░░░░░░░ ░░░░░░

Non blocky will be more complicated and expensive in coding (lots of codes)
Stuff involving changing angle of sector etc

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User is offline   windeye001 


Thank you.

User is offline   oasiz 

  • Dr. Effector


Float SE only works on a floor, you might be able to move a TROR layer's floor in the upper bunch and then make it solid to have an illusion of a ceiling moving when it's actually the upper area's floor that is doing the floaty thing (as floor/ceiling are sort of tied together in code).

You can do a "triangle wave" by just triggering a sequence of SE31 (floor Z) at the right time and with some offsets.
I already pull off something similar in IM for another thing, with duke you might be able to get this going with some stupidly complex 2way train stuff :P

User is offline   Jblade 


I did it in code via AMC just by copying the floor's slope and applying it to the ceiling - I'm sure you could do that and then flatten the floor afterwards too.

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