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How to Change the Cache Size  "This topic is a step by step guide on how to change the cache size."

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Description - Actual
This topic is for people who need to change the cache size for Mapster and EDuke32, who are not experienced with batch files, and .CON files, like me. I want this to be the perfect "help me" thread for the community.

Does this look familiar at the bottom of a log?

Cachesize = 100663296
Cacnum = 787
Cache length sum = 100663296

This has to do with the cache size. The code that's being executed is too much.

From what I found, I知 pretty sure I need to increase the size of the cache for Mapster and EDuke32 to accommodate for, roughly, 950 sound definitions, which is an additional 550 to the original Duke Nukem 3D. As of now I had to stop at 820 sound definitions. There are no new actors, such as bad-guys, or special tiles. I致e just been simply adding sounds with the DEFS.CON and USER.CON. These sound files are from the VG source website, edited in Audacity, and exported into the Duke directory. Nothing fancy. Yes, the directory has hundreds of .WAV files in it.

I知 not a programmer, I do not know how to write a batch file, or do anything beyond adding sounds. Concerning changing the cache size, I致e seen good responses and advice from other members, and the replies, in general, are positive. I know there are a few ways to increase the cache size, but I知 not sure how to do that, what to type, or even where to start.

I want this topic to be a guide for changing the cache size for Mapster and EDuke32 as easily and effectively as possible for people who are relatively unskilled at programming. I know I知 not the only person that has cache problems and needs to change the size of it, and I知 pretty sure there are other people who would ask, Well, how do you change the size of the cache with a batch file, shortcut, or .CON file?

Here are some possible solutions from other members, moderators, and administrators for changing the cache size that I have found.

Solution 1 - make a batch file to set the cache size.
Solution 2 - make a shortcut and set the cache size using it.
Solution 3 - set the cache size in a .CON file.

When responding, please try to remember to have something similar to the below phrase as the first line, acting as a heading, just so others can easily figure out which solution it is you are talking about. It is fine to have a fourth solution, just indicate it.

Increasing the cache size: Solution # - description of the solution

Thank you to the members, moderators, and administrators for the information, so far.

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I have always used option 2.

User is offline   rkilyan 



Does this look familiar at the bottom of a log?


This has to do with the cache size. The code that's being executed is too much for the default cache. It is not necessarily the size of the .CON files; what is commented out is ignored.



For those who are like me and are not very knowledgeable about programming and software tricks, here it is from Mark's instructions to me during a conversation. Background knowledge comes from Helixhorned, TerminX, and Trooper Dan.

Step 1: Right click on the eduke32.exe or mapster.exe and go to Create shortcut.

Step 2: Once the new shortcut appears, right click on the new shortcut and go to Properties.

Step 3: Under the Shortcut tab find Target.

Step 4: After eduke32.exe or mapster.exe type a space and then -cachesize 256000.

+ Note 4a: 256000 is in KB, so that would be 256 MB.

+ Note 4b: The Target should look similar to this - C:\DUKE3D\DOOMED1\eduke32.exe -cachesize 256000.

Step 5: Click Apply and then OK.



You should do the above steps to EDuke32 and Mapster, and indicate the cache size in the name of each shortcut.

You may not need to use 256 MB. That is a number I used which is higher then what I need, just to be safe. 96 MB was the cache size for my version of EDuke32 before I changed it. Yours could be anything higher than the default.

If random sounds that were defined somehow become undefined during game play, then your cache is too small. You may need to experiment with a few numbers by creating a high action situation in the game. Create a map with lots of monsters, including tanks, and use the devastator to test to see if the new cache size works. You need to have a demanding scenario above your worst one in normal game play.

Use the in-game console (\) or the .log to see the results. Keep in mind that some sounds never existed and will always be not found; an example would be Sound hlminhal.voc(#23) not found!. These never had anything to do with the cache, they do not cause any errors, and there is no need to worry about them.

Message Logs in the window for both EDuke32 and Mapster will display the change you made to the cache size. Here is what it looks like:

Cache size: 256000kB


Thanks again to Mark and others who have provided valuable information concerning this issue.

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