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First ever black hole photo revealed

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View PostZaxtor, on 20 April 2019 - 03:21 PM, said:

Your image gives a 403 forbidden

I guess Pixiv is allergic to image tags. Can't even edit the post, but well, here is from another source and with a text.

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View PostTrooper Dan, on 16 April 2019 - 10:40 AM, said:

Unless you are a solipsist, you probably shouldn't make fun of scientific theories for asserting the existence of theoretical entities. The entire physical world is subject to the same doubts and is essentially a theoretical entity. You could be living in a simulation or some other kind of reality that is fundamentally different from how you perceive it. So if we are going to make fun of science for postulating black holes to explain observed phenomena, then we should make fun of ourselves for postulating the existence of an outside physical world at all.

Scientific theories don't claim to be WYSIWYG takes on reality. And like religions, they postulate things that can't be proven. The difference is that scientific theories are supposed to be responsive to reason and evidence, whereas religions are not and are based on dogma. Science does fall short of that standard sometimes (e.g. dogma on global warming) but it's still very different for the most part.

The problem is 99% of people are disingenuous and just assert that science is true because "muh consensus" and "you're just too stupid to understand."

If you watch the minute physics video, they assert black holes exist only because they have no other explanation for observable phenomena, yet what is actually causing that phenomena is not observable. They're guessing. And to make matters worse, your average Science Ackolyte is the modern Crusader. People are skeptical of science because all too often scientists are assumptive, cocky jagoffs who insist they are right because "WE SCIENCE MAN." Because much of this theoretical shit can have holes poked in it, people wonder if it's true. But very rarely are actual objections addressed, and instead "YOURE JUST AN IDIOT, CONSENSUS SAYS..." prevails.

One of the major reasons Flat Earth propagates so heavily is because Science and its ackolytes can't see the forest through the trees, and don't even understand the ideas and questions that Flat Earthers are asking, and rarely even address them. Instead opting for ganging up on them and insulting them. I get it, it's fucking fun. But that actually makes them dig their heels in, because no one has answers and NASA are noted liars.

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