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Mapster32 hangs on startup, after selecting resolution  "r6917 works but r6922, r7047, and r7497 hang"


I tried the latest build of Mapster32; I get as far as selecting window resolution, but after clicking "Start" in that window, Mapster32 just hangs with a black window. (I gave it several minutes before I gave up and used the Task Manager to close it.) Here's the mapster32.log file:

Mapster32 r6922
Built Jun 13 2018 12:22:33, GCC 7.2.0, 64-bit 
Running on Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (build 6.1.7601)
Initializing SDL 2.0.8
Using [redacted - my r6922 folder] for game data
Configuration file not found, using defaults.
Searching for game data...
Found no recognized game data!
Using "DUKE3D.GRP" as main game data file.
Loading "m32help.hlp"
Loading names file: NAMES.H
Loaded 740 names.
0 joystick(s) found
Initialized 24.0M cache
Setting video mode 1024x600 (8-bpp windowed)
Refresh ra

(The "Refresh ra" at the end is really how it ends; it literally just cuts off mid-word like that.)
I tried r6922, r7047, and r7497 and they all have this problem; the latest one I've found that works is r6917.


Forgot that log files need to be attachments instead of in the post itself.
(I know reply is not edit, but I am unable to edit the post to fix this problem now.)

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