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Anyone still play this?

User is offline   gemeaux333 


I have now a total of 247 hours on DNF, and last time I played is almost 6 months back

User is offline   spessu_sb 


I used to play the sp almost yearly once but haven't anymore in like 2 year or so.

However if DNF got that editor support, I would would be all over it pretty much instantly.


This might be widely known already but after my recent replay, I discovered the 'donkey' from earlier trailers did make the final cut after all... (but cannot be interacted with). He's located outside the Burning Bush, near the toilet where one of the gas cans are. It's also a reference to the Bible, God speaking through a donkey to Balaam (had to look it up, I'm not religious)


View Posthismasterplan, on 29 April 2019 - 06:34 PM, said:

It's also a reference to the Bible, God speaking through a donkey to Balaam (had to look it up, I'm not religious)

I didn't get that reference, and this is coming from someone who is a Christian. :dukelol:


View PostNever Forgotten, on 30 April 2019 - 12:01 PM, said:

I didn't get that reference, and this is coming from someone who is a Christian. :dukelol:

And from a poster whose username is 'hismasterplan' ;)



I'd say people are still playing.

User is offline   brullov 



I've never completed DNF. I love Duke a lot, but this game has nothing common with my favorite character, only the name. I tried several times, but got bored too fast. Don't I have to say that I replay DNF 13 mod every year?


View Postspessu_sb, on 28 April 2019 - 10:03 AM, said:

However if DNF got that editor support, I would would be all over it pretty much instantly.

Oh yeah, if a level editor for DNF came out, I'd start mapping immediately... unless it was a Snapmap-style turd.

User is offline   MusicallyInspired 

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SnapMap actually became fairly comprehensive. Not totally customizable, but there are tricks to making custom objects. Kind of like Smash Ultimate's new stage builder.

User is offline   gemeaux333 


I found this one, and I know this is what every single hardcore fanboys of Duke Nukem would like him to do to them ^^ :


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View Postgemeaux333, on 11 May 2019 - 11:25 AM, said:

I found this one, and I know this is what every single hardcore fanboys of Duke Nukem would like him to do to them ^^ :


Then again...


User is offline   gemeaux333 


Not a particularily explicit statement... what are you trying to tell me ?

User is offline   robotman5 


Just started playing it again on PC, im at The Hive Part 2 atm.

User is offline   Noddy 


I play it once a year. Still fun and makes me laugh, even though some jokes might be lame.

User is offline   Radar 100 Watts 

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I've never played this game. Never even loaded the demo.

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If only they kept the older Duke model, and those rough looking FP arms. It'd be a better game. (Era 2007 - 2008/9ish)

Those fingers always looked shortened. Dunno why. He cut off one of the phalangs? Lmao.

2006 Ripper was my favourite.

Also like those force fields they turn on/off.

I dunno sometimes I feel like those trailers are more interesting.
But played both variations with and without the DLC.

Also those damn minigames like poker look similar from 2001 version ayy.
Polished my ***.

Prolly better in this trailer.

Ayy old explosive barrel :D

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After avoiding the game for years, I finally got to play it sometime ago this year when I got the game on a sale.

It was not as terrible as I expected, but it certainly wasn't great either. I think that the expectation of it being one of the most terrible games of all time and such made me prepare myself for something truly awful and it just happen to be... a mediocre game with some decent parts scattered here and there. I will say that finishing the game with cheats is much more enjoyable. I tried another playthrough with infinite ammo and I found myself having way more fun than the first time around.

What really killed the game for me was not the questionable level design, was not the repetitive nature of some of the fights, not the regenerating health, not even the terrible consoley weapon restriction... it was honestly the over-reliance on checkpoints and the unbalanced difficulty. I'll freely admit that DNF was one of the most frustrating shooters I've ever played the first time around.

But as I said, strangely enough I found myself replaying the game regardless. I think there is something of value in DNF that is just buried deep beneath mountains of frustration, mostly due to unmet expectations, but also due to poorly implemented design choices. Maybe in the future there'll be a mod for this game like the extra crispy mod for Blood II: something that will make the game way more enjoyable.

User is offline   Kerr Avon 


I don't like DNF at all, I bought it when it came out (XBox 360), played it and abandoned it after a few levels as it was just so boring to play. A few months back, because of discussions on this forum about the game, I played it all the way through, and my opinion of it didn't change. It's a very professional game in some ways, the graphics, sound, art-style, the game's functionality (i.e. I don't remember encountering any bugs, or accidentally clipping through a wall or vehicle, etc), and so on are fine for a 2011 game. It's just so boring to play, nothing in it was (to me) much fun.

And it amazes me that DNF was made by some of the same people who made Duke Nukem 3D. DN3D had so many nice touches, so many things that were either innovative at the time, or were older features that were done better in DN3D. DN3D's humour was quite well done, it was clearly satire of the male action-hero/alpha male fantasy figure that most men (like me) day-dream of being, the locations were interesting, often quite realist (though simplistic due to the hardware limitations of the PCs of the day), and with secrets that sometimes took genuine exploration to find. And though it was mostly a very linear game, it did the illusion of freedom quite well. and didn't feel like you were being forced down a pre-definined route that you couldn't diverge from if you so chose.

Then Duke Nukem Forever came along, after having sometimes like five times as long a gestation period as DN3D, running on hardware that was monumentally more powerful than the 486/early Pentiums of DN3D's time, and a much larger install size, and yet it was inferior in just about every way possible, including all of the important ones. The game was boring, it had a weapon carrying limit and recharging health (sorry, ego), two features which have no place in a Duke Nukem game. The game couldn't have felt more linear, the humour was awful (and was no longer satire, it was overblown, utterly-unfunny straight out attempted humour), there were no secret locations to find, and no innovations in the gameplay at all.

Having said all that, I do feel that a lot of people have grossly under-rated the game, especially people who have not played it because they've heard it's so bad. When the game came out, people often regarded it as a truly terrible game, one of the worst ever made, and utterly abysmal. And to me that's not fair. It's not a good game, but it's not terrible either. It's just mediocre, with nothing to recommend it, and there are so many first person shooters that are better that, to me, there's no reason to play this game. There are a lot of games less fun than this one, it's just that this game exists in a world where there are any number of better games. DNF isn't torture to play (which a few games are), but to me it's a 4/10 game, with 5/10 being an average game.

Some people do like DNF, though, and I'm really happy for them. But I won't be playing it again. Then again, I playthrough Timeshift every so often, that's my Duke Nukem Forever. If you don't know, Timeshift is a first person shooter from around the time of DNF, that got mostly mediocre reviews and few people played, but I think it's much better than the reviews suggest. It does have problems, such as some boring levels, a cliff-hanger ending that will never be resolved because the game sold so poorly that there was never a sequel, and the story is the worst told story in any first person shooter that I know of, and the requisite short but boring turret section that so many older games had forced into them, but when the game is good then it's very good. You can pause, slow down, or even reverse time (complete with great graphical effects, the rain looks brilliant when it's suspended in mid-air), which affects the world around you so that when time is paused then you can ever walk on water or over a landmine, and pausing time then shooting a couple of enemies at point blank range with your shotgun then un-pausing time and watching the enemies fly backwards dead as the bullets' physics playout when time is restarted never gets boring.

User is offline   Commando Nukem 

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No. Duke Nukem Forever earns it's poor reputation. It's not about hype. The game is poorly designed, poorly paced, and poorly balanced.

Are the graphical assets good? For the most part. It's a shame they're in such an ugly engine, because the assets actually have a lot of detail. The art direction of most things is pretty good. (Though I admit the larger than life version os fthe troopers and such from Duke 3D are far more appealing.) The wriitng for the game is absolute trash, the character of Duke Nukem is wrong. The President is annoying and stock, Graves doesn't do much of anything outside of the DLC. Dylan is like nails on a chalkboard in the main campaign.

The biggest problem with the game is the way it intermixes interactivity, and action, and driving mechanics. They're so segmented form each other that the transitions are apparent. You go from a combat zone, to a turret section, to a driving section, to a shooting section, to a puzzle section, to a turret section, to a driving section, to a shooting section, to a puzzle section, to a shooting section, to a turret section, to a turret section to a turret secti....

Whereas, for example, in Shadow Warrior, you're playing a level, killing bad guys, and oop, hey, there's a turret. You can use it, but you don't have to. Same for Half-Life. Here's a turret that might save you some ammo, but you can use your Mp5 and shotgun if you prefer.

From everything i've read and seen of the 01 era of DNF, it would have been more akin to the Shadow Warrior example. It would have been more int he vein of the old school shooter, where the player's sense of immersion and the flow of gameplay is not broken into pieces, but is all one whole.

The same goes for the boss encounters. They're gimmicks. The player movement sucks dick, so they can't really design boss encounters that rely on the player manuvering around and using their weapons, so instead it's a variation on using explosives in some cover-peak-shoot-rinse-repeat affair.

DNF does the biggest fucking NO on the NO list for a Duke game, and eliminates player choice all over the place. There are places that are linear to a painful degree. You enter the thrown room in the Duke Museum, and one of the stairways is blocked off. What the... Why??? They both lead to the same upper area. The only reason to do that is because you don't want to have to set up the same one-off trigger event twice, or you don't want to ensure the player can't get up to where all the NPC's are evacing through. Talk about making Duke feel like a wimp. To say nothing of the irritating fan on his chair. Duke would have rabbed that puke by the throat and chucked his ass out the window. That whole pre-disaster section is just wayyyy tooooo longgg. Aliens should have been up your ass after the first elevator ride. Hell, have the elevator ride down from the pent house get intercepted when the aliens start attacking and immediately have it diverge to the Duke Cave from there. Skip all the back stage fanboy bulshit, skip all the phoney balony people running away from the aliens.

Things that would have made DNF better:
1. Tone and humor more in line with Duke 3D:
The EDF, President, and Graves take the situation completely seriously, the people in the world are not goof-ball jackasses out of The Naked Gun. Most of the gags are visual ones, puns, funny things on signs. Not necessarily completely off the wall. Just "smirk-able" stuff.

2. The Alien threat is actually, in some way, scary.
The babes being abducted constantly and consistently angers Duke. He never jokes about it. We get some legit body horror out of it. Something akin to Aliens, an Octabrain tearing it's way out of a woman as horror music plays. This is not funny. This pisses you, the player off.

3. A fully functional and realized inventory
You hold all the guns. Each weapon has it's own ammo types. Some weapons have secondary ammo types.(Miniukes for RPG, explosive rounds for shotgun, ricochet/flechette for Ripper.)

4."Gimmick" stuff is placed all over the game, and not just in certain quartered off areas. IE: Mid combat you can fuck around with pool tables and stuff, and not relegate this to primarily their own areas outside of combat arenas. More contiguous combat from area to area. Turret sections are either eliminated or turned into options. (IE The fight with the mother ship would have been a great time to give the player a Jet pack, or put some jump pads on roof tops and have the player using big ass guns to shoot it out of the sky.

5. The truck driving section is less of a constant pit-stop affair and more of an open area that you have to conquer an ultimate goal in. IE: Blow up a huge barricade by collecting explosives from various places around a larger map or set of inter-linked maps. Using the truck, you do have gas to monitor and so you can stop at the gas station, or find canisters around the map to refuel the truck.

6. Duke's actual badassery needed to be show-cased more.
Actually saving babes from the aliens would have been nice. Like a hero, ya know? He needed to emote more, is what i'm saying. He comes off like a guy who just doesn't give a shit.

7. Better movement, maneuverability, and interactivity.
Duke's movement just sucks. He's slow even when sprinting, he runs out of breath way too fast. All of his maneuvering ability is shit. Say what you want about Doom 2016, because I know a few people just don't dig on em, but at least the Slayer can move his power assisted ass. Just give Duke something, a power-slide, double jump? Anything to give the guy some kind of bob and weave to deliver the heavy hits. How about the ability to use the world around you to kill the enemies? There's not one explosive wall that You as Duke can break in DNF. Not one. Not one. Everything that breaks in the game is a scripted event. Oh yeah, there's some wood houses in the desert you can fuck up, but i'm talking about the classic "Crack in wall" stuff. There's nothing like that. No secrets of any value. It's just bad.

Even setting all of that aside. Mechanically, the game is bad. It's janky. The damage balance is all wrong. Sometimes you can tank the damage like you're made of kryptonite, and other times your ego drops like it's weighed down by neutronium. The game basically make some of the more exotic weapons useless. The Shrink Ray is not an effective weapon to choose at any time. For one, the enemies can continue to damage you, which, granted, they don't do a lot of damage, but you know what happens? Your screen shakes and flashes. It's distracting.

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