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Selling some Duke stuff.

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Starting with the jumbo lot of 5 Resaurs Duke figures. I have two more Duke items i'll probably be posting over the next few weeks. I'm downsizing everything because I am moving to Oklahoma nad starting a new life with my fiance. So I need all the dosh I can get and as little extra man-child shit as possible.

Up next, a NECA Duke figure mint on card, and a 1997 Duke Nukem Statue.... That one hurts a bit, I just got it literally this last month and have barely had any time to enjoy it, but they go for incredible prices online. I know there's a Duke fan out there who'll want to get their hands on that.

I will also be selling my PS1 in a bundle with all three of the Duke games(and others) I will post the link to that as well.

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I'm interested in the statue. I was in a bidding war with one of the members of the dev team of Duke3D once over one of those things on ebay quite a few years ago. He and I messaged each other about it and I ended up letting him win. I could've been duped in all honest but I'd like to think I wasn't. It was always something I wanted.

Sorry to hear that you're parting with your stuff though. Good luck with the move and the future spouse.

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Good luck with your move & fiance.

They're just objects, but I had things when I first got married that I sold for similar reasons as yours. Hindsight being what it is, I sometimes rue parting with some of those items. I kinda miss my old NES, sega genesis, sega game gear, & all the games I had for them. Had a bunch of role playing games too.
Ah well.
Not like they'd work any more, or that anyone around where I live is into the version of AD&D from the late 70s - early 80s

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Thanks for the well wishes. It's a little sad to look at them and see them go, but honestly I welcome the new life. It's a fresh start. I've lived here in Western Washington for 30 years. Time for something new. :)
The statue is up on Ebay. 250 plus S&H. Which is what I paid for it. It comes in the box with the original foam protection. There is minor damage to the gun arm (the blade broke off, easily fixed with some glue.) piece is included. Will go out USPS Priority.


I also posted my Duke Nukem NECA figure still mint on the card:



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View PostCommando Nukem, on 16 April 2019 - 01:52 PM, said:

I've lived here in Western Washington for 30 years. Time for something new. :)

i like the mild climate, but there are way too many people here anymore.
I tend to stay south of Olympia, north of Vancouver, and away from I-5 when possible.

Didn't they only make 8,500 of those Moore Creation statues?

Don't find too many of those on sale. A bit too rich for me, but it seems like a pretty fair price.

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In Everett, where i'm at, they've cut down so many trees and put in apartments and housing so dense, it's crazy... Easter weekend was like Christmas 2.0.

I've posted two more Duke related items for sale on Ebay:

Duke Nukem Forever BOS statue/Bust with dice and poker chips:

LOOSE NECA Duke Nukem:

Yeah the MOORE statues are a very limited release, and finding them nowadays is increasingly rare. I was lucky to find mine at that price, and i'm honestly bummed to have let it go. However it's a necessary sacrifice. To pack up and move 3000 miles is exponentially more expensive the more stuff you have. Most of my man-child stuff has to go. I've got a few smaller scale collectibles i'm going to hang onto, some of my PC games that aren't linked to my STEAM, my Nintendo 64. The rest of it is outsky.

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I've dropped the price on the Duke Nukem BOS bust to 1.99 Buy It Now + Shipping.

I've got another semi-Duke related item going up, the entire set of Quake II figures from Resaurous. Unfortunately while I was preparing to take photos of them the TANK broke his ankle. The Tank is a hefty figure, but the pieces that make up his feet are a mixture of (I think?) Rubber, Plastic, metal and glue... i think over the years some of it has gotten a little frail. The figure has some cool details with metal gears and springs, and that entire assembly broke. it CAN be repaired, and even broken as it is if I set the foot under the leg it can stand on it's own and work as a nice display piece. The rest of the figures (Major, Athena, Parasite, Medic, Iron Maiden) are all in great condition with all their accessories included. So before I list it, does anyone want to make an offer?



I'm selling my Duke Xtreme addon. CIB too!


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