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[RELEASE] Alien Abductee


Alien Abductee continues on from Nitroglycerin and sees Duke aboard a damaged alien ship, limping its way back to their home planet. Duke was abducted and must find a way back to earth, unfortunately this ship won't turn around and even if it did, it was too badly damaged in the crash to survive the journey or re-entry into earth's atmosphere. As such, the best course of action is to cripple the ship so that it never flies again and find a way back before it's too late, the aliens probably won't treat you very nicely if the ship makes it back to their home world.

Attached Image: capt0146.png Attached Image: duke0026.png Attached Image: capt0145.png

Attached File  alnabd.zip (7.9MB)
Number of downloads: 171

Extract the ZIP to a subfolder in your EDuke32 directory, start EDuke32, select New Game, User Map, then navigate to the map in that directory. The music should play due to sharing its name with the map file.
This map was designed for Polymer with dynamic lighting disabled (r_pr_lighting 0 in the console) and the other renderers were not widely tested, so those may have issues.

Important, please read!

As always I'd ask anyone who intends to review/host the map to leave it a few days in case any serious bugs show up and need to be fixed. Of course this map was tested, but you can never account for every single scenario - so if it breaks don't blame me, blame the guy who tested it for not testing it properly.
Honestly it's been so long since I released anything that I actually feel mildly nervy about it now... ah well, better late than never I guess, unless it's your girl's period, because if that happens, you're fucked!

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don't blame the beta-tester, blame the version of eduke it was tested with.
When in doubt, kick it a bunch of times.

It's a difficult and limiting texture set to work with, and I think you did quite well with it.

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I always enjoy your work. There is always a high level of intelligence that goes into your maps, they are well crafted and thought out. Nice to see another release!

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Darn, I thought it would be the sequel to your lawn mower map. :lol:


@Forge; Indeed, EDuke is busted, surprised you never noticed the draw fog being missing, though I suppose short of looking at the map itself there was no way to know I hadn't set the visibility that way.
The alien textures definitely suck for anything but small areas or set pieces.

@Paul B; Maybe, though this level was always meant to be more combat centric than its predecessors and some areas start to look clunky and feel empty without it in this one. There is a reason for this, obviously in that there's room for a sequel that may or may not happen, that I may or may not already have ideas for and that may or may not be extremely puzzle heavy, assuming EDuke would even allow such a thing to exist. So many problems making this one, moving house and losing hard drives being almost the least of them.
Incidentally such a map did exist, before this map did, but was thrown away and would have to be started again. Big ideas but so little time to work on them. Secrets I'm not yet willing to give away.

@Mark; Not yet, that's waiting for Ion Maiden to come out and is on my list of ways in which I plan to completely bastardize the game. Shelly's gonna have to get back in the kitchen for a while.


Ah well, it's been a while and nobody has complained of the map going into an undefined state of any kind, so I'll assume it works. There's a small update I made to do literally nothing more than fix eight texture alignments. There are places I could probably add more detail but it doesn't seem to be worth it, largely as those areas are combat heavy and the details would just be in the way (I like things to be a little more sparse looking in those areas) so I won't bother. I'm never quite happy with my stuff anyway and have to draw a line somewhere or else it will never come out. If you've already played the map, there's no point in downloading this update and playing it again because nothing has really changed, anyone hosting maps though should probably use this version;
Attached File  alnab236.zip (7.9MB)
Number of downloads: 76

Outside of that, thanks for playing, all, maybe I'll be back with something else in the next decade or so if I ever find the time.

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I haven't finished the map yet. I did come across some strange problems but I've been holding off until I finish the map. Made it as far as red key lock room with canisters when I was called away.

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Okay, so I finished the map tonight! The first time playing up to the Red key card I was a bit unsure of how the map was to play out as I kept getting distracted by worldly things =). However, a second play through to completion and WOW! I recognized the objective right away. Reminded me of Left For Dead Finale man I loved this map! Once again using some pretty advanced build techniques to pull off an amazing game play experience. There is nothing not to like about this map it was adrenaline filled the entire way through. Thanks for sharing this map and I'll upload it to my site as soon as I have the chance. This is a excellent show of creativity! As far as any bugs are concerned, I didn't find any. At first I thought I did but it was only because I didn't understand the level is intended for forward progression not back pedaling like sissy =)

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I've uploaded the map here: http://www.dukemaps.net/?p=12985

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