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[RELEASE] Shocking Twist

User is offline   magnarj 


Hello! I've finally gotten around to releasing my singleplayer level. I got it up to 95% done, sent it to a friend of mine so he could playtest it, he sent me back a youtube video of his playthrough, and since then I put off doing the final tweaks for......3 years.

Anyway, I had an hour to spare, so I finally wrapped it up and put it on the workshop. It seems there's some differences between Eduke32 and Duke3d Megaton Edition, since I found two minor bugs in the Workshop version, although they're just graphical and don't affect the gameplay.

So finally, here's the link to the workshop entry:

Hope you enjoy the map!

User is offline   Dr.Panico 


Can you provide a new download link for non Megaton users?

User is offline   magnarj 


View PostDr.Panico, on 13 January 2019 - 04:35 PM, said:

Can you provide a new download link for non Megaton users?

Hi! Of course, sorry about that. The map can be downloaded directly from here:

Sorry for taking so long to reply!

User is offline   Forge 

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I love you guys, but I really wish all of you would include templates with your maps - even if it is hosted on the steam workshop.

10 years from now someone's going to have a damn fine map in their collection and not know who the hell made it.

User is offline   Jblade 


Just gave this a spin, this was a really neat map! The design and shadowing was basically perfect, and the gameplay was solid as a rock - it definitely felt like a more improved 3DR-style map. I loved how the map layout looped around, you definitely know what you're doing when it comes to map design. Hope you plan on making more maps (as Forge said I'd recommend making a seperate zip file with a readme and upload them to here, you'd get more traffic that way)


Great map.
Makes good use of interconnected layout, classic 3DR visual style, very enjoyable feast indeed. I found 3/5 secret places, took me 7 minutes to complete, didn't die once.
Keep up the good work, this is fully realized style!

User is offline   Paul B 


The template file can be found here:


When the template file is completed just zip them together and upload to the site. I'll post it.

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User is offline   Anvil 


Why don't you say you're C3PO who made some good maps about 20 years ago? :)

User is online   ck3D 


I'm looking forward to playing this map, just downloaded it as well as your pack of old Duke 3D maps from your website, will give everything a spin soon. Congrats on release!


C3PO returned? I'm in.

User is offline   Polunka 


View PostNancsi, on 17 January 2019 - 01:18 PM, said:

C3PO returned? I'm in.

Well, he says he couldn't find spare time to do the final tweaks (5% of the whole work namely) for 3 years. And we don't even know when he started mapping the level and how much time it took him to get those 95% outta the way, so it might mean he doesn't have lotta time to work on any mapping stuff now.

Though I definitely would like him to bring some new levels to the community too, of course.

User is online   NightFright 

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I think the identity reveal of C3PO is the REAL shocking twist about this release... ;)

Anyway, just played the map and love the gameflow. No headscratching after activating switches or using keycards, a smooth 10min ride from the beginning to the end. Nothing fancy regarding design, but nice idea with the raising bridge.
Congrats on the release and welcome back, C3PO!

(Gonna update the C3PO pack of the addon compilation while I am at it.)

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User is offline   Perro Seco 


Looks like a map made by 3D Realms, but with a much more polished style. Very good selection of textures, great lighting and very fun to play. My only complaint are those sprites half buried in sloped sectors that are still visible through the floor, like the trees in that cool secret area. Not an important complaint because I still find this map 10/10, despite being so short.

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User is online   ck3D 


Took me 15 minutes, found 1 secret, loved it. Very immersive with respect to the classic Duke style and a very good eye for design, especially the layout - that was scientific, you obviously know what you're doing like others have been saying. It was reassuring to know a few minutes in that I was playing a fair, professional quality level with reasonable gameplay that's much in the sense of the originals and isn't going to throw 3 colored Battlelords at my face at every corner. Loved the progression, atmosphere and central theme. If you're indeed C3PO then it's nice to hear (and play) from you again because some of your older levels are classics. Thanks for releasing this.

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User is offline   MetHy 


Played it, took me 9mins and got all kills and secrets on CGS.

I really liked the arcade and puzzle approach of the layout, especially with its Z axis orientation. It feels good to play a map which feels like it was thought of as a whole beforehand than just building a succession of rooms and see where it leads.

Good job on the classic style lighting and texturing as well. My only nitpick there is that some the ep4 texture choices feel a little out of place to me with the rest. Oh, and the decorative doors, too many of those, most of which even a mapper couldn't tell from actually functionning doors. IMHO if you're going for a classic style, there is no reason to try and "explain" an enemy closet by putting a decorative door in it, for instance.

I don't know why you say the map is 95% finished, feels to me like it's 99% and the only thing missing are ambient sounds, since most of the map is way too silent.

Anyway, great job! Hope you make more, too.

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Hmmm.... the map itself was kinda okay to me. Texturing and shadows were mightily impressive (Sewer was the first map I remembered, as it was my favourite Levelord map), but the overusage of key/button hunting tedium and the non-escalation in the battle/enemy placement clearly hurt the overall experience. In short nothing amazing, nothing terrible, a little throwback to my innocent days of early AMC years when I played so many similar usermaps. A bit like time travel, probably not from just me, but also from C3PO, as said in the MSDN review: "it's as if the man had been kept in stasis for twenty years, awoken now only to design this map". It was a pitch perfect wording from Mikko, as always.

Talking about Mikko, he seems to read this board regulary. I mean regularly as daily. He didn't write a single post since like 5 years, but he is very up to date about the releases here. I hope he will return one day as a poster too.

User is offline   Merlijn 


Short and sweet map, really enjoyed playing it. It comes pretty close to the atmosphere of Shrapnel city.

The lack of bigger fights didn't bother me, not every map needs to have a battlelord in it. The raising sidewalk was really clever.
The layout and the strong shadows really stood out to me. Missed 1 secret.

User is offline   Steambull 


Extensive use of really nice 3DR style shading (using value 0 a lot etc) and texturing, with the tight trim work giving the big picture a pleasing, uniform look. In many ways the design made me think of Doom: mostly very "basic" but flowing textures that weren't squished or stretched much, a lot of masked walls not based on transparency, monster closets instead of spawns, and also very little slopes. Even the secrets were kind of Doom-like, for example I probably wouldn't have found the one with the Freezethrower had I not been in that mind set.

I wandered around quite a bit after finding a card or something - perhaps having so many ways accessible can make it hard to go back exactly where you want, but I really blame my own concentration here. The actual objectives and the progression of the map were really clear. It did feel quite empty in regards to enemies, but maybe that was done in order to support the clean style and so that players could pay proper attention to the environment/layout.

Difficulty-wise rather easy, but totally fun and refreshingly solid looking map. Really liked it, and I think it's one that will be replayed a lot. Played CGS and found all 4 secrets.

User is offline   Paul B 


I've taken the liberty of creating a template file for the map with just the basic information. A download of the map, template & screenshots can be found here: http://www.dukemaps.net/?p=12966

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User is offline   MetHy 


BTW I looked at C3PO's portfolio and there is some good stuff in there. For instance I vividly remember ARENA_OFFLBAST for TF2, that was a great map.

View PostSteambull, on 19 January 2019 - 03:28 PM, said:

and also very little slopes.

Yeah this is true, unless we're talking maps like Farenheit which to me seems like they have less slopes because they are older maps brought at the same minute into the game with very little improvements, a classic 3DR map for Duke would have had more slopes than this one. It's something easy to forget that I too omitted in some of my "classic style" maps, but slopes were a cool and novel thing at the time, it was also something brought into the game very late into development so they went wild with it.
I do remember a case of what I call "unnecessary ceiling slope" in Shocking Twist but that's about the only slope I remember. BTW I don't consider "unnecessary ceiling slopes" a bad thing, it's a cool thing 3DR maps had everywhere, just look at the corridor leading to the toilets in E1L1.

And don't let my nitpicking get to you, this is a very good map.

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User is online   ck3D 


I'll just chime in once more to second Nancsi's appreciation of MSDN reviews, those are always delightful to read. MSDN is the only Duke I always kept occasionally checking even whilst on Duke hiatuses, along with those boards of course, due to having grown up with it; with the demise of DN-R, I guess it's now the longest running Duke 3D community / fan site if you don't count the quiet AMC forums? Anyway, much respect to anybody still running those sites, writing reviews or just sending feedback about Duke maps in 2019 still. That's two years past the date on that formerly futuristic calendar sprite yet I think still keeps a lot of the mapping community going.


Finally i had time to play it and i'll say Thank You for this smooth map, it felt like a classic/stock one!
Took me 17 mins, because i was searching secrets, just 3/5 found, maybe with another run... :P, i did expect a few more enemies, anyway keep up the nice work.

Also, thanks to whose that commented about your old maps, i'll definitely try those ones as well, i won't lost them even if 20 years are passed already!


Just played it. Gotta say, it seems like a mix of L.A Meltdown and Shrapnel City to me, which is great, as it feels like it belongs to the original game.
It has a very nice flow, and the level planning is great. It could have a few more enemies in my opinion, but it is still great :)


This map definetly rulz, it feels like true Levelord mapping style with even more improvements. Nice job! One of best maps i ever played. So old school and so modern at same time. Keep up good work! Thank you for giving us this masterpeice! :D

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