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MT-32 and where do you put the control file?

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Okay so I happen to have Munt installed and I have all the required MT-32 rom files. I learned that GDX Blood has an MT32 option which I selected but as soon as I attempt to start it up it tells me that I am missing the control rom. I did try placing the MT-32 rom files which I have inside the GDX Blood directory but that doesn't fix the problem. Where exactly do I need to put the control rom files in order to get this to work?

Edit: This time I tried running Munt with it which I originally assumed it wasn't made to work with it, looks like it actually works but it's not perfect and doesn't sound that good, I guess it's still being worked on and isn't finished.

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It doesn't sound good because the Blood MIDI files weren't made for the Roland MT-32.

The Blood MIDIs use the General MIDI standard which was published in 1991, while the Roland MT-32 is from 1987 and doesn't have this standard yet, meaning that it uses completely different instruments. And even if there is an option to change the instruments to their proper counterparts, your experience may vary compared to Soundfonts.

You need something that supports General MIDI, so pretty much every MIDI device after that. Easiest would be to set up Soundfonts then, VirtualMIDISynth (https://coolsoft.alt...irtualmidisynth) can help you there. Alternatively you can also use music packs.

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