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Blackweb gaming mouse, scrollwheel nigh useless

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So a while back my Blackweb gaming mouse (model no.: BWG66) started wigging out a bit when it scrolls. Sometimes it wouldn't scroll and eventually it started scrolling in the opposite direction. It just got worse and worse until now the scrollwheel is basically useless. I can't really go up or down it just goes back and forth and freaks out. This is murder for browsing and especially gaming. I tried taking it apart and seeing if there was hair or something in the way. There was a bit on the metal turning piece so I took off as much as possible. That seemed to help for a short while (this could be placebo), but in no time it was back to craziness and uselessness again.

It's a gaming mouse so I'm sure it's not built in a standard way. And it doesn't appear so when I take it apart. There are a couple parts that are still contained and covered that I can't access when I take it all apart. I'm not sure where the sensor is to see if something is getting in the way or not. I cleared out all I could from what I could see. Is my mouse just shot? Should I get rid of it? Is there anything else I can do?

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