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Trailer Park Boys corner.

User is offline   DustFalcon85 

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Hey guys. I just got Netflix up and running on my Xbox One S and I'm very interested in the cult classic show: Trailer Park Boys. Some people are raving about this show. Since I'm new to the series. Which TPB episodes, seasons, movies and specials should I recommend watching? I'm about to enter Juan's, Ricky's, Bubbles', J-Roc's, Mr. Leahy's (RIP) and whoever else's world. Wish me luck!

What's your favorite TPB moment, episode, season, special or movie?

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User is offline   nukemania 

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Fuck off, Randy!

User is offline   DustFalcon85 

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User is offline   oasiz 

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Don't ask, just let the liquor guide you

User is offline   HulkNukem 

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Frigg off DustFalcon

The general consensus is that the series died after Season 7; this was when Netflix picked it up many years later and Mike Clattenburg, one of the original writers, didn't return and it doesn't feel the same. Actors are either leaving (J-Roc, Trevor and Corey, Lucy, etc) or have passed away (Jim Lahey, Phil Collins) while some characters have changed (Bubbles has become insufferable at times)

Seasons 1-6 are peak Trailer Park Boys for me personally. Season 7 has some great moments with Phil Collins and should be watched just for him. Watch the movies too but stay away from the live shows.
Watch the seasons after 7 if you REALLY want to continue watching it. Same for the Out of the Park series.

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User is online   Jimmy 100MPH 

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Just watch everything chronologically. The series is better if you watch it grow organically. This is a show like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia where the characters just get more degenerate over time. Season 1 is a little slow, but it lays the groundwork for seasons two through five, which are so fucking hilarious I've watched them a million times. Yes the new stuff is different and the schtick has kind of gotten stale, but it's not terrible. One of my favourite shows.

Coke costs a lot of money you know. - oasiz

User is offline   Billy Baron 

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TPB is a f*&king funny show. You should drink a lot of beer either before or after you watch it. Or while you watch it.
I find there is like a Chips / Nachos moment after I watch it. Oh yea, and smokes.
It's kind of like beer, too. Always fills you up, never lets you down.
I say watch the seasons chronologically. If you're like me at all, you're going to blow right through the seasons anyway.



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