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New Duke?

User is offline   Honza 

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Could this be somehow related to the new Duke game or just a coincidence?

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User is offline   Fox 

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I wonder if the Duke of Edinburgh is related to a new Duke game??

User is offline   Hank 

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Closest would be Duke of York

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The other possible Duke (of Edinburgh) looks too much like Peter Cushing, the now dead Star Wars dude, and ehm ... not even close to the Duke Nukem material. :P

Ein sarkastischer Deutscher

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User is offline   Player Lin 

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No, you're thinking too much. It's just a name for their branding.

Stupid company just take some "cool" names that just for no reasons. :P

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User is offline   pacman 

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I can't wait to run the new 3 DN3D episodes for the 30th anniversary edition on the RTX5000 DUKE Edition B)

User is offline   Zaxx 

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I think we should all buy the new classic Xbox controller, the Duke and then Duke4.net could finally become what it was always meant to be: a fansite for the Duke!

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