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How can't this work ? D:  "coding question, about 'checkactivatormotion'"

User is offline   Seb Luca 

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Hi :)

It seems that "checkactivatormotion" does not work. Here is a code for an event activating a lotag defined in Zvel when lotags in Xvel and Yvel are activated before.

Did I something wrong?? :o

    gamevar getoexvel 0 2                gamevar getoeyvel 0 2                gamevar getoezvel 0 2
    getactor[THISACTOR].xvel getoexvel   getactor[THISACTOR].yvel getoeyvel   getactor[THISACTOR].zvel getoezvel 

    gamevar checkoestatus 0 2

    checkactivatormotion getoexvel
    ifvare RETURN 1 setvar checkoestatus 1 
    else            setvar checkoestatus 0

    checkactivatormotion getoeyvel
    ifvare RETURN 1 { ifvare checkoestatus 1 setvar checkoestatus 3 }

    ifvare checkoestatus 3
      operateactivators getoezvel 0

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