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[HELP] To Find a code line  "Can't find a code feature I don't need anymore"

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I want to cut the feature I don't need anymore.
Back when making CandyMania with Zykov Eddy, we added a feature that'll make the player walk by default - in order to turn a run mode, you must to hold the run button (shift for example). Unfortunately, it turns out that most of the players will hold the run button all the time.
Now, while making SilverballZ, I knew better and want to cut, delete that unnecessary feautre. The problem is that I can't find a line that's responsible for it! I don't want to bother Mblackwell (since he'll write the new feautres), so eventually I asked Eddy to help, but he can't find it either!
Is there anybody who can help me? In case you can, you can download the game here: https://msdn.duke4.net/candymania.zip
It's not like the biggest issue right now, but it can be a potential game ruiner for some.

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If you can't find the sprint code to delete it, as a compromise you could adjust "define RUNNINGSPEED" in USER.CON to match the sprint speed

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This is a feature in EDuke32 that can be changed in the menu and console...

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