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Is Duke 3D's music mostly mono, or notably stereo?


Love Duke 3D's music, Lee Jackson rules, and I do notice there are two audio tracks in the .ogg files included in World Tour for example. Somebody made a topic on that release's steam forum asking why the game has mono music, so I listened to some to see if I could discern, both in-game and out of game. Removing the left or right earbud from headphones for example, and I didn't notice a discernible difference in Stalker or Grabbag for example. I don't have an audio player or editor that shows different tracks for example to compare visually if there are differences.

Are there? Not that I need a lot of notable stereo separation or effects in a mix or anything, and I love NES music like Mega Man which is mono. Was just wondering if Duke 3D music does "sound" mono, despite having 2 tracks. And not just about World Tour's tracks, I didn't notice a left/right difference trying the old SC-55 sound pack either. So I don't really know if that poster is right or not about World Tour not playing the music right.

Also surprisingly, if I do a topics only search here for "mono" or "stereo", there were no results. Random question of the day. I think the guitar is a bit louder on the left channel in grabbag possibly.

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Bobby Prince incorporated stereo effects into several of his Doom tracks, some clear examples being Sign of Evil, Nobody Told Me About id, and The Dave D. Taylor Blues. I can indeed confirm that he also used stereo effects in some of his Duke Nukem 3D tracks, such as the harp in Water World, and as that link implies, the stereo separation is still audible in the remastered World Tour tracks.

As for Lee's tracks, I'd never really thought about hearing any stereo effects there before, but upon a quick review, I can hear some stereo separation between the lead guitar and the synth in Grabbag (or the synth is stronger in the right channel, at least), so I suppose that answers that question.

In short, Duke 3D's tracks incorporate stereo effects in numerous tracks from both of its composers, and whoever posted that thread on the Steam forums is a gormless tosser.

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Stereo. No question.

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Yes, I used MIDI CC#10 to place things across the soundscape.

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If you use the DOS version with Adlib music, it will be in mono due to software limitations.

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and it will be mono, ASS doesn't do stereo FM, which is a bitch but what are you gonna do.

I wonder how hard it would be to add stereo FM support to ASS.

Probably not hard as it's had it in ROTT 1.0. IIRC it was removed for causing timing issues?


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