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Duke Nukem Pop Out Posters!  "I NEED THESE!!!!"

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So someone going by the name Tobias Umland has created these incredible Duke Nukem 3D Pop out posters for Duke3D and it's expansions.

I have to have these!

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  • Fraka kaka kaka kaka-kow!





They look really good but I don't know why he edit dc like that makes duke look like he about to give it agood hump mmm mmm.


I really dig the original and I am a sucker for the Nuclear Winter title screen. Very cool stuff! I donít imagine these are for sale?

Edit: worth noting I guess- it looks like in the first one there the ĎDuke Nukem 3Dí logo appears to be the Gearbox variant, altogether shiner and brighter, rather than the old 3DR logo from the box art and various other instalments in the series.

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He could sell the heck outta these on etsy. I'd buy them in a heartbeat.

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^ Ditto! Those would look great in my office!!

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