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Sound effects on floors/walls  "Making a game for the blind"

User is offline   halkun 

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So I have this idea to make a game for the blind. I did some preliminary experiments with eduke32 and was surprised to see you can attach audio to sprites an they are directional! I've looked over the CON reference and was wondering. Can you attach a sound effect to floor and wall textures? The idea is that the player will have a walking stick as a "weapon" and depending on what it hits (melee range) will make a particular noise. Also I would like to have a walking sound based on what texture is set to the sector floor. It appears I may be able to this programmatically, but I don't quite know how.If I can just use a sector tag or a wall tag even better. Any ideas. I'll be hunting down info in the CON reference.

User is online   Mark 

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Sorry for just this short answer. I just got the call to dinner. Hopefully someone else can give specifics. There have been a number of mods and TCs that have used "stepsounds" to do what you want. It will give a different footstep sound depending on the floor texture.

User is offline   Zaxtor 

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AMC TC mod uses the sound for footsteps.

Like you walk on snow, metal, wood, soil/dirt/etc makes different sounds etc.
Yes it depends on floor textures.

Trequonia TC's Status:
Levels : 100% done - Textures : 100% done - Sounds : 100% done - Musics :100% done
Mod is finished, going to test it.
Trequonia's Official website

User is offline   Trooper Dan 

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The first step would be getting in touch with some blind/visually impaired persons who are interested in playing a fps and finding out what features they would want or need to make it playable for them.

If I were relying mainly on audio cues to play the game, I might not want footstep sounds because they could obscure other more important sounds. I might want some kind of sonar system instead, but then it's hard for me to say since I'm sighted.

User is offline   halkun 

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I've watched blind people play a popular 3rd person game. (But, then again, the perspective doesn't really matter). There are things I saw in their gameplay that I'm actually adding in, and there some exploits they relied on I'm turning into a mechanic. It's all quite mechanical right now, but I don't have much of a plot. Only two beginning scene ideas, a few other scene concepts, and companion animal mechanic, but I'm not quite sure what kind of animal yet.I'm picking apart the stepping con file now. It looks like it's pretty drop-n-go so that's cool :D

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