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User is offline   Zaxtor 

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Newedit art is amazing cus

More textures slot.
Goes up to tileart060 or around little over 15100 slot or so

Still allows the extreme texture size of

1024x512 (upload size max 1024x256)

Delete key in editart causes textures to be moved around and causes things to go havok.

I just 0x0 and np

Trequonia TC's Status:
Levels : 100% done - Textures : 100% done - Sounds : 100% done - Musics :100% done
Mod is finished, going to test it.
Trequonia's Official website

User is offline   rkilyan 

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Before I posted that, I did test my claims with EDITART V2.2 (newer EDITART).

:) Deleting in Tile Editing Mode resulted in a 0 x 0 tile, and no problems.
:mellow: Deleting in Tile Selection Mode resulted in a 0 x 0 tile, shifting tiles leftward, and SOMETIMES corruption in the next .ART file for the first few tiles.
:) Swapping within a single .ART file resulted in no problems.
:( Swapping beyond a single .ART file, over the big white line, resulted in corruption.
:( Swapping beyond 256 tiles resulted in corruption.

Remember, this story was based on experiences from the 1996 version of EDITART, not the newer one. What we test with EDITART V2.2 might not yield the same results from what was in the story. With the original EDITART, Deleting in Tile Selection Mode ALSO caused corruption in the current .ART file, not just the next one like it sometimes did in EDITART V2.2. Some details may be a little different with EDITART V2.2, but it seems like Deleting in Tile Editing Mode and Swapping within a single .ART file are perfectly fine with EDITART V2.2.

It's good that Zaxtor tested my post for accuracy, even though EDITART V2.2 is the one we are using.

User is offline   rkilyan 

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Here is the extra stuff EDITART either needs or may need............and where did this come from, and by who????

OOPS....I forgot to give credit to others for these files.
I'm not completely sure where they came from.

I've moved them around and placed them right into anything Duke so fast, that I don't know where they came from.

I'm pretty sure the DOS4GW.EXE came with EDITART V2.2 and put there by Malone3D.

The KEXTRACT.EXE and KGROUP.EXE could have come from the Classic Version of Duke 3D, the one that comes from the Megaton Edition.

The 'kextract duke3d.grp *.art' came from The Official Duke Nukem 3D Level Design Handbook, by Matt Tagliaferri.

I do not take any credit for these files or commands. I just put them into one spot in case anyone needs them.

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