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What features would you like for bloodgdx?

User is offline   ZinBinks 

  • -1


can't think of any rn

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User is offline   Tekedon 

  • 25


Multiplayer support right now, but I know it's in the works. Multiplayer is a big part of Blood and it wouldn't feel complete without it.

User is offline   Phredreeke 

  • 120


The ability to revert to Cerberus older AI. It just looks silly to have him run around his little lava pool in E3M7.

Also there's some changes to sprite clipping but that would need to be done on a renderer level

User is offline   Tiddalick 

  • 4


The ability to mod sprites and abilities easily.
An ability to change things around a bit (like M210 has already done with the skill levels), such as restoring the old life-leech
Options for some 'quality of life' settings, such as enabling a colour gradient when invulnerable (like reflective shots), so you know when the ability is about to end.

User is offline   Fantinaikos 

  • 260


A timer to know how much is left before the power up you've collected vanish would be more useful than a DOOM style color change of the screen.


such as restoring the old life-leech

Or you can try the Weapon Mod and use the (according to Dzierzan's words) more balanced Life Leech.

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User is offline   ocpjr 

  • 0


In original Blood you can add 2 functions to the same key. Such I have S = both backward movement and open. Also space bar = both jump and open. Not a huge deal but curious if it can easily be fixed? Useful for backing away from killer doors or doors with proxies behind them. And other for maps we've made with jump pads, activating exactly when you jump.

User is offline   Spectre 

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Add to main menu function permanent akimbo, skins, freelook

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User is offline   Phredreeke 

  • 120


> freelook
Have you tried pressing U...

User is offline   Dzierzan 

  • 19


Skins? Like what exactly? Changing sprites to somewhere like? Like black sawed-off? If yes, that would require art inside tileart containers plus updating animations (offsets of sprites might be wrong if only tiles are replaced)

Permanent Akimbo? Why? That sounds like a mini mod, not the actual feature this port needs.

User is offline   Manhs 

  • 13


Cultist/humans Skins for multiplayer on deathmatch/tdm/ctf (but not on coop not to be confused).
It could be cool!

User is online   Mark. 

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  • 2,377


The feature I would like the most is a simple game folder. Maybe when 210 is finished this is the way it might be.
In the game folder you have simply:
1. The BloodGDX executable file
2. The Blood grp file ( or whatever it is called ) from your original copy of Blood
3. A subfolder containing any added content. HRP, voxels, 3D models, new maps

Ability to choose the new content at the main menu.

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User is online   Stripper 

  • 2


I would love to have a function to toggle akimbo (without the pickup) in the options and/or as a keybind. It may work better as a mini-mod, but as far as I can tell no such mod currently exists that allows you to always have akimbo weapons or use them at will.
But that's just a side thing, I'd much rather have a more organized folder like what Mark recommended.

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