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  1. In Topic: EDuke32 2.0 and Polymer!

    Yesterday, 07:07 PM

    View PostPsychoGoatee, on 17 October 2017 - 06:32 PM, said:

    Screens one and two look the same (except Polymost having different lighting), but if you load up 2 and 3 (called duke0004.png) in different browser tabs and flip between them, you can see the difference. Look at the black line of the wood right where the shadow meets the lighter area of the floor. The black lines show up as misaligned/warped, most noticeable in the two planks of wood closer to Duke, lined up with the shadow area. Sounds like you may be onto the underlying cause though, this doesn't involve you moving though.

    Polymer doesn't always get texture mapping exactly right.
  2. In Topic: EDuke32 2.0 and Polymer!

    Yesterday, 02:05 PM

    Cool! Unfortunately our hardware accelerate graphics systems are all overdue for overhauls, including the texture manager. What happens if you `rm textures textures.cache` and enter `r_texcache 0` in EDuke32's console? `r_texcompr 0` might be something else to try.

    Polymer relies on a large set of GL 3.0+ features and GL extensions that are beyond the scope of jwzgles. Neither TerminX nor I have any experience in that level of graphics programming, or the GL or GL ES APIs. I would be surprised if a Pi or a smartphone could manage 10 fps running Polymer, anyway.
  3. In Topic: EDuke32 Scripting

    Yesterday, 12:35 PM

    View PostTrooper Dan, on 17 October 2017 - 12:31 PM, said:

    Now you are just being pedantic. :rolleyes: There's no advantage to typing the label there except for readability, but anyone who has worked with the game very long knows which weapons the numbers correspond to.

    You're basically telling me "Who cares?", which is a pet peeve when I'm trying to get across something important. Your argument is a slippery slope to completely neglecting your code style, after all, you know what it does.

    This stands opposed to every commit Helix or I have made regarding "enumifying" a set of magic constants.

    Furthermore, what if you want to search for all code effecting the shotgun at once? The Unix utility for this is called grep, and you'll usually see it used as a verb. You'll have much more luck grepping for SHOTGUN_WEAPON than "2".
  4. In Topic: EDuke32 Scripting

    Yesterday, 12:15 PM

    View Postthisbecasper, on 17 October 2017 - 12:05 PM, said:

    I think I need the var SHOTGUNAMMO inorder to keep track of current ammo of the shotgun?. Can I do it without the var and without causing an out-of-sync error? I've btw also managed to get rid of the out-of-sync thing - I still don't see the big difference between using a var like I do to keep track of the players current weapon and a call to currentweapon, which was what caused it..

    The game already keeps track of things like ammo counts and current weapon. Attempting to circumvent this by using your own vars at best is a duplication of effort, and at worst is asking for a lot of trouble when you let them get out of sync.

    Yeah, currentweapon was a mistake, it should only be used in HUD drawing events.

    You're going to need to get comfortable with global scratch variables. While you're at it, take the time to indent your code correctly. (8 spaces per tab stop is unnecessary, use 4 at the max.)

    definegamefuncname 36 Switch_Weapon_Function
    gamevar temp 0 0
    gamevar subweapon_choice 0 1
        setvar RETURN -1
        getplayer[THISACTOR].curr_weapon temp
        ifvare temp 2
            ifvare subweapon_choice 0
                ifvarl SHOTGUNAMMO 10
                    quote 36
                setvar subweapon_choice 1
                sound SELECT_WEAPON
                setvar WEAPON2_SHOOTS 1092
                setvar WEAPON2_SHOTSPERBURST 10
                setvar WEAPON2_FLAGS 17472
                quote 34
                setvar subweapon_choice 0
                sound SHOTGUN_COCK
                setvar WEAPON2_SHOOTS SHOTGUN
                setvar WEAPON2_SHOTSPERBURST 7
                setvar WEAPON2_FIRESOUND SHOTGUN_FIRE
                setvar WEAPON2_FLAGS 1024
                quote 35
    onevent EVENT_DOFIRE
        getplayer[THISACTOR].curr_weapon temp
        ifvare temp 2
            ifvare subweapon_choice 1
                getplayer[THISACTOR].ammo_amount SHOTGUN_WEAPON temp
                ifvarl temp 10
                    setvar subweapon_choice 0
                    sound SHOTGUN_COCK
                    setvar WEAPON2_SHOOTS SHOTGUN
                    setvar WEAPON2_SHOTSPERBURST 7
                    setvar WEAPON2_FIRESOUND SHOTGUN_FIRE
                    setvar WEAPON2_FLAGS 1024
                    quote 40

    View PostTrooper Dan, on 17 October 2017 - 12:11 PM, said:

    Where you have

    ifvarl SHOTGUNAMMO 10

    you should be able to replace it with

    ifvarl player[THISACTOR].ammo_amount 2 10

    He's using OldMP, which doesn't support quick structure access. Also, use SHOTGUN_WEAPON instead of the magic constant '2'.
  5. In Topic: Duke Nukem 3D PS3 Code

    Yesterday, 08:14 AM

    If you have a code, it should work.


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    Hey, I think I know why there are some weird songs in Total Meltdown. The one with the Stalker 2 and Bar music is because I guess when you enter the bar the music changes into that (since both songs would be playing, and if you turn off music, the bar music is off too). The other one "Chemicals fuck you head" may be used as background music in a map, the variants for how far you are fro...
  10. Photo 14 Oct 2011 - 17:50
    Thanks for help with the music pack!
    My last computer manage to work HRP,Dukeplus (Didn't tried Polymer out and the music pack) back then. Now I totally forgot how they work. If you know any site or place I can refer to help me with this,that would be nice. Thanks!
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