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  1. Comic - Steve Jobs itablet

    25 January 2010 - 11:35 AM


  2. Duke's Back!

    24 December 2009 - 01:22 PM

    I have been floating this idea around for a while with several friends. (that are hard core Unreal players)
    After I saw the pic of Dukes back on the duke4.net page (yes I know it is a rip-off of another model), I figured "Why the hell not make it".
    Built by the Duke community
    Built with the newly released Unreal Dev Kit
    Tested by us the die hard fans of Duke
    Packed and set for release.
    Yes, 3dr owns duke rights and T2 owns distro rights, but f$%^^^ 'it!
    Call it an interum game, a brand reboot, a game, saver, whatever...something to keep Duke alive and pressure 3DR to finish DNF.
    The only way DNF will ever get made is if 3DR has the funds to pay its programming team. That is the heart of what happened with DNF/3DR/T2.
    We (the Duke community) create a non-DNF game;
    WE make sure it works;
    WE deliver it to T2 for distro/sale.
    WE would have to give all royalties to 3DR but this is where the fun begins. ALL FUNDS must be ear-marked for development of DNF. No playing cards/slots at the casino/xbox live purchases/etc...(yes that means you GB)
    WE insist that DNF must be completed in 'gold disk' format for T2 to distro 1 year after we deliver 'Duke's Back' to T2 on 3DR's behalf.
    WE insist that GB (yes him again) is removed from working with the dev team, a new manager is hired (and paid by T2) to make sure that DNF is finished on time. All GB needs to do is sit back, be quiet and wait for his royalty checks to arrive.
    I have several rough outlines already created for the game done.
    Some basic maps/items/textures ready to insert, but to be honest by Unreal editing skills are brutal, but at least I am trying.
    Oh yea to keep 3DR happy with 'ownership rights' everyone involved must agree to not release any portion of the game, leave that to T2. We would however want T2 to allow us to post as many screen shots/video clips as we feel like to help with promoting the game.
    If you think this is a bad idea, go here:


    and imagine it as the front of a retail game box, then think - can I help make it a reality?
    I am happy to continue this thread - if there is interest, if not I will just continue plugging away with it on my own.

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