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Duke Nukem Forever

User is offline   Yatta 

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I love Duke4.net. It's one of my life's proudest accomplishments. I'm proud of the community we have built here and the beautiful work that comes out of it every day. I'm proud of the friends I've made here and the kind people who made all of this possible with their hard work, donations, and participation. Thank you.

User is offline   Mr. Tibbs 

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Please make this a regular Duke4 feature!

User is offline   xMobilemux 

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I was expecting some kind of magic trick where you combined the 2 box art covers into a new box art cover.

The thought of what it would result in is scary yet awesome.

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User is offline   brullov 

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User is offline   Lunick 

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Where's the singing, I'm mad.

LeoTCK - EDIT: Jimmy, Blow it out your ass!
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User is online   Hendricks266 

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Duke Nukem Never.

User is offline   Robman 

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My GF asked me what the hell I was watching..... I had no good answer.

(Other than, "That's Yatta being silly.")

This post has been edited by Robman: 14 September 2016 - 05:52 PM


User is online   Micky C 

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View PostHendricks266, on 14 September 2016 - 02:58 PM, said:

Duke Nukem Never.

Wiggum forever.

Polymer wishlist: Global illumination, SSAO, Bloom, reflective surfaces, adjustable specular (wetness), volumetric lighting.
Mapper of the Month December 2014.

Herbs? Tell me more!

User is offline   zwieback 

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wow, this made me log in and post!

"Some people are “for” things. They are for Freedom, or for technical superiority, or for a sports team, or whatever. Some people are “against” things. They are against political candidates, or Games, or people from certain places, or whatever. Some people define themselves on the basis of what they want, others on the basis of what they do not want."

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