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*release* Training Base  "Yet another russian present!"

User is offline   zykov eddy 


Hello guys. Happy holidays to you all and happy upcoming New Year!

So, I've got a very large, epic map made by a russian mapper Igor' Kamarov. He's been working on this map since summer. The story is set to EDF Training Base, a place made for training soldiers, and the task is to complete the training course. It has "alien bots" (a robot copies of aliens, made for the training course), lots of places to visit and lots of action. Hope you'll enjoy.




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Gonna check this out!

User is offline   Paul B 


This guy is pretty good. I quickly checked this map out in mapster and he is very original in his style. I like what I see, now i'm going to have to play it. This guy should be including a text file along with his map though or at least someone should before publically posting it.

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User is offline   MetHy 


I got the yellow card in the canyon at the end. No door there so I backtacked. Got sick of turning in round finding nothing in the vents and in the SoS maze.

At least it does use SoS which is rare enough to be noticed.

User is offline   neoacix 


Downloaded, played, stopped in the middle.
Pretty nice for some shooting practice but these maces and the "go to next level" thing is to much COD for me.

I kind of liked the start with the jeep, but then it's just lacking of mapdesign and to much simple shooting crap for my oppinion.

But not a bad map for quick, plain simple shooting action.

User is offline   Loke 


Mother of God, this map gets insane near the end. Took me about 90 minutes to complete after killing around 1100 enemies. Not a bad map but nothing I'm ever going to play again. What a endurance.

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