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Michael Clark Duncan has dies ;(  "Rest in Peace Michael"

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The star of The Green Mile and other great movies like: Armageddon, Tim Burton's Planet of the apes and The Scorpion King has passed away :)

Rest in Peace Michael, we'll miss you :thumbsup:

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Damn. RIP MCD!! :)

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Still couldn't believe it when I read it.

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He died on my friggin Bday. :) I worked with him a couple of times with my dad on a movie. :thumbsup: Our friend Kevin might take his place in the industry as the new Big Black Deep Voice man. Kevin was the Lycan in the first Underworld film. I think the first one you see in the film.

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This really sucks. He was a great actor. He was awesome in The Finder (and I'm sad that the show got canned; his death ends any hope of the show being picked up again).

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