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Sprite Variants in BAFed  "How to export them."

User is offline   xMobilemux 


Can anyone help me figure out how to export the sprites from the .art files that have different colored variants?

Like how the Troopers have their green, blue and red variants as well as the other enemies and even the other NPCs like the strippers.

Cause all I know how to export is the base variant with the one color.

Any help would be appreciated.

User is online   Phredreeke 


AFAIK it's not supported.

User is offline   Kyanos 


It is just a palette change. You can load the INDEXED bmp or png into an art editor and change the palette.
I guess you'd need to make your own variations of each different lookup palette, unless anyone knows a tool to export them.

openglbt is a palette tool may be useful.

lookup.dat is the file that contains pal swaps, it's hex but very easy to read/write manually.

User is offline   Striker 

  • Auramancer


The answer: You don't.

The green trooper and whatnot are not separate sprites/variants. The game uses different palette swaps to turn blue into green, red, etc.

If you just want to use the re-colors for purposes outside of Build Engine, export them all as 8-bit PNGs, then use something like SLADE's color remap feature to remap the colors manually, then re-export.

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User is online   Phredreeke 


Also, welcome to an upscaler's nightmare. Duke3D isn't as bad in that regard but Blood requires a ton of additional work to get palswaps working.

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